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Project Publications

Geographical Indications and Localisation: A Case Study of Feni – Dwijen Rangnekar

English: ISBN 978-0-902683-93-8 (available at SSRN) [Executive Summary] or download here.
Marathi: ISBN 978-0-902683-94-5

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Feni Publications


Baseline Survey of the Feni Industry: A Report - Pranab Mukhopadhyay, Santosh Maurya, Suryabhan Mourya, (Shodh, Nagpur); commissioned for the project, 2008.

How to make Feni uniquely Goan, Herald, 25 May 2008 - Dwijen Rangnekar

‘Social and economic gains from Feni’ - Pranab Mukhopadhyay & Dwijen Rangnekar (forthcoming, 2013 in Gangjee & Hughes, eds., Research Handbook on Geographical Indications, Edward Elgar)

‘Re-Making place: The social construction of a GI for Feni' - Dwijen Rangnekar, 2011, Environment and Planning A, 43(8), 2043-2059

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Other GI Publications


Special Issue on Geographical Indications, Journal of World Intellectual Property, 2010, 13(2), Guest editor, Dwijen Rangnekar; see the following:

  • ‘Introduction’ - Dwijen Rangnekar. Available at the journal website or from SSRN or download here.
  • ‘Another look at Basmati: Genericity and the problems of a transborder geographical indication’ - Dwijen Rangnekar and Sanjay Kumar. Available at the journal website or at SSRN or download here.

‘The intellectual properties of geography’, European Intellectual Property Review, 31(11), pp. 537-39 - Dwijen Rangnekar. Available at the journal website (you wll need an account) or from SSRN.

‘No ‘Lemons’ No More: A Sketch on the ‘Economics’ of Geographical Indications’, in Carlos M. Correa, ed., Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Law and the World Trade Organisation. Edward Elgar - Dwijen Rangnekar (2010). Click here for a pre-publication version or download from SSRN.

‘A laddu for penance ... or God’s own GI’, Economic Times, 23 April 2009 - Dwijen Rangnekar.


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