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Conference proposals


Deadline for submissions: 7th November 2016

Submit a paper proposal

Papers must have a title, abstract, and author name(s), institution(s), and email address(es). Abstracts should be less than 200 words.

Submit a panel proposal

Panels must have a title, abstract, and 4-5 papers (complete with title, abstract, and authors) and 1 chair. Abstracts should be less than 200 words.

PhD bursaries

Graduate researchers who clearly identify themselves as current PhD candidates on their paper submissions will be considered for one of 12 PhD bursaries to cover conference registration.

Additional information for applicants

Transport and accommodation: delegates are responsible for arranging their own transport and accommodation.

Attendance: accepted delegates will be expected to attend the full two days of sessions.

Meals: lunch and refreshments will be provided for registered delegates during the conference sessions on 4th and 5th May, as well as a conference dinner on 4th May.

Papers: presenters are responsible for both providing copies of their paper to their fellow panelists and submitting their paper for inclusion in the paper archive by 20th April 2017.

Key information

Thursday 4th & Friday 5th May 2017

Scarman House Conference Centre



Conference themes

I. Security strategies and diplomatic practices
II. Geography, geopolitics, and security
III. Politics of threat, risk, and resilience
IV. Security images and icons
V. Measuring and representing (in)security