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Research Overview

Our research reputation is founded in consistent excellence across a range of philosophical fields, including in philosophy of mind and epistemology; Post-Kantian European philosophy; philosophy of the arts and aesthetics; moral, political, and legal philosophy; and mathematical logic and computation.

Research excellence

48% of our research (‘research outputs’) was assessed as world-leading in terms of its originality, significance, and rigour in the 2021 Research Excellence Framework (REF 2021). 45% of our overall submission was also assessed as world-leading (that includes research outputs, research impact (non-academic change/effect/benefit based on our research), and our research environment). More information about our people, our research centres, our projects, our courses, and our impact activities, is available via the links on this page.

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Our research centres and groups

We support four active and successful research centres that co-ordinate research activities in our main areas of research strengths. Each centre has well-established interdisciplinary links within Warwick and beyond. We also host research groups to support areas of emerging strength or interest in the department.

Warwick Mind and Action Research Centre (WMA)

Promoting and coordinating work in the philosophy of mind and action, and adjacent areas between philosophers and psychologists

Centre for Research in Philosophy, Literature and the Arts

Promoting reflection and collaboration, and questioning assumptions in philosophy, literature and the arts

Centre for Research in Post-Kantian European Philosophy

Promoting innovative work in 19th and 20th century European philosophy, including interdisciplinary research with scholars across the humanities and social sciences

Centre for Ethics, Law and Public Affairs

Exploring ethical and legal problems together, and working across departments to explore issues raised by the law

World Philosophies and Decolonisation Research Group

Promoting research in under-represented philosophical traditions and enquiring into the issues of colonialism, postcolonialism and decolonisation