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Dr Andrea Giananti

Dr Andrea Giananti is visiting the Philosophy Department during the spring and summer terms, 2018. In his own research, Andrea works on perceptual knowledge and self-knowledge, and has a post-doc in Fribourg as part of the Fribourg-Warwick SNF project on Perception, Rationality and Self-Knowledge. Read more below:

Issue # 3 of Pharos - Wawick student-run Philosophy Magazine - out now!

Issue3 Pharos is an undergraduate philosophy magazine founded in 2016, run by undergraduates for undergraduates. From Continental to Analytic, Chrysippus to Kant to Kierkegaard to Kamm, we aim to provide a forum for philosophical commentary and analysis that caters to a broad range of interests that extend beyond lectures and seminars.

Issue # 3 is now available in the Philosophy and PPE common room with selected content on the Pharos facebook page

Publication is bitermly in Terms 1 and 2, with one issue being published in Term 3. Next Submission Deadline: Monday Week 2, Term 2 (15th January 2018). All submissions and longer queries should be directed to our email,

Thu 07 December 2017, 16:22 | Tags: Publication, Undergraduate

Self and World, 20 Years On - Quassim Cassam Institue of Philosophy Conference

In 1997, Quassim Cassam published his first authored book Self and World, exploring the connections between self-consciousness, spatial representations, and bodily awareness. It is a seminal work in the Kantian-Strawsonian tradition, which became out of fashion at the beginning of this century. However, it cannot be denied that there is much to be learned and reconsidered in this work, and the 20-anniversary seems to be an apt time for us to take stock and further pursue the relevant issues. This event brings together perspectives from different traditions, including the Kantian, the phenomenological, the analytic, and the empirical. It is an attempt to understand the contemporary relevance of Cassam’s seminal work, and to explore the future of the Kantian-Strawsonian tradition in general.

Fri 10 November 2017, 13:10 | Tags: Home Page Postgraduate Staff Undergraduate

Department UG Culture Survey

All Philosophy UG students at Warwick, we want to hear about your experience of the department, please take 5-10 minutes to complete our survey:

The aim of the survey is to help the department understand how undergraduates experience their learning environment and what improvements may be needed to achieve equality of opportunity.

This survey concerns your experience as an undergraduate student in philosophy at Warwick and your views as regards learning and progression, professional development, career opportunities, and workplace culture. In particular, the survey will explore whether all students feel like they receive equal treatment and opportunities with respect to the above aspects of their student life, and whether and how factors such as gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, first or native language, nationality, social and economic background have an impact on their experience.

Your responses will contribute towards improvements in the department, benefitting everyone who works and studies here. The results will directly inform the department’s Athena SWAN 4-year action plan.

For information about the Athena Swan charter see:
Information about the Department of Philosophy’s Athena Swan Bronze award, and associated actions, can be found at:

Tue 03 October 2017, 11:07 | Tags: Undergraduate

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