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New Publication: 'Vices of the Mind - From the Intellectual to the Political' by Professor Quassim Cassam


Professor Cassam's new book, 'Vices of the Mind' published by Oxford University Press, examines human character traits, attitudes and thinking styles ('Epistemic Vices') which prevent us from gaining, keeping or sharing knowledge. Professor Cassam, who is pioneering this new area of philosophical research, draws on recent events to analyse the nature of Truth in politics; how political facts can be highly contested, and how we can try to overcome self-ignorance through a number of self-improvement strategies. 'Vices of the Mind' also elaborates on the concept of 'epistemic insouciance', a term Professor Cassam has developed to describe a new intellectual vice which he identifies as a product of today's toxic political climate.

Professor Quassim Cassam Interviewed on BBC Radio 3's Free Thinking Programme

Professor Cassam was the central guest of the BBC's flagship Radio 3 late evening cultural engagement programme, Free Thinking, broadcast on 7 February 2019 at 10pm. In a live round-table debate hosted by Matthew Sweet, Professor Cassam spoke at length about self-knowledge, intellectual vices and conspiracy theories - themes which he examines in greater detail in his new book 'Vices of the Mind'.

See link here to listen to the programme:

'The process of "rubbishing" tries to make people doubt their own knowledge—whether it's about smoking or the President's tweets’ argues Professor Cassam in the recent edition of Prospect Magazine: see here:

Professor Cassam is interviewed by Richard Marshall in 3:AM Magazine: Vices of the Mind: Fake News, Conspiracy Theories, etc…

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UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships - Expressions of Interest

Find out how to apply for a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship in the Warwick Philosophy Department.

The internal deadline for expressions of interest is Monday, 4th March.

Tue 12 February 2019, 16:28 | Tags: External Research Staff Funding

Research Fellow Dr Amedeo Policante Discusses New Regimes of Violence on Italian Radio

Amedeo Policante, a political philosopher and critical theorist in the Philosophy Department, whose research focuses especially on the study of violence, has been interviewed on Italian public radio (RADIO3 MONDO) in a programme dedicated to War and the Global Economy. Dr Policante discusses the new regimes of violence emerging from contemporary processes of globalization (the subject of his two previous monographs, The New Mercenaries and The Pirate Myth) and the relationship between neo-liberalism and the war on drugs. He elaborates on how the structural causes of contemporary violence are systematically obscured by the ubiquitous appeal to the concept of 'crisis' - one of the subjects of the Philosophy in a Time of Crisis research project (in collaboration with Professor Miguel de Beistegui). See link attached to hear Dr Policante's interview in full.

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Launch of a New Book Series 'The Edinburgh Critical Guides to Nietzsche', co-edited by Professor Keith Ansell-Pearson


The important new series of Critical Guides, published by Edinburgh University Press and co-edited by Professor Ansell-Pearson (with Daniel Conway, Professor of Philosophy at Texas A+M) has now been launched. The series aims to enrich and enhance the reading and understanding of Nietzsche's writings for the benefit of students, teachers and scholars alike. Every volume will explore each text individually, and will incorporate new research and the latest scholarship to explain the seminal importance of Nietzsche's writing and to illuminate the significance of his body of work for contemporary thought.

The first volume in the series, entitled 'Nietzsche's Unfashionable Observations' by Jeffrey Church has just been published.

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'About Time': Professor Christoph Hoerl and the Philosophy Department are Partnering Up with Performance Artists, Actors and Dancers in an Exploration of the Theme of Time

'What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know' (St Augustine).

What if time did not really pass or flow? If there was no real difference between the past and the future? If 'now' were just a matter of where you happen to be, just like 'here'? How can we square our day-to-day experience of time with these incredible claims, all of which are made by leading physicists?

In this evening of 'time based arts', performance art, theatre, dance and psychology join forces to explore what it means to exist in a time-bound world. Professor Christoph Hoerl and his colleague Teresa McCormack (Queen's University Belfast) have worked in close collaboration with members of Big Telly Theatre Company (Portstewart), BBeyond Performance Art (Belfast), and Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company (Derry-Londonderry) to bring this performance to the stage of the Warwick Arts Centre Studio for two evenings only, Friday 8 February and Saturday 9 February 2019 (7.45pm). They will join the artists on both evenings to introduce their ideas to the audience.

"Because performance artists work with time as a medium, their art can prompt questions about the very nature of time and our experience of time. In our collaboration, we have invited three performing arts groups to respond in their own way to how notions of time are debated across philosophy, psychology and science. The result is this performance evening" - Christoph Hoerl

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