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Programme of Events 2020-21

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First Postgraduate Professional Development Workshop

Location: S2.77, The Cowling Room


2.00pm - Literature Search Skills and Tools (Kate Courage, Academic Support Librarian)

Group A (MA students and first year MPhil students): Room S2.77

2.30pm - Time Management/Deadlines/Mitigating Circumstances/Extensions (Johannes Roessler)

3.00pm - Writing MA/MPhil Essays (Tom Crowther)

3.45pm - Tea and Coffee (Cowling Room)

4.00pm - Planning your MA/Phil (Johannes Roessler)

Group B (PhD students and second year MPhil students): Room S2.79

2.30pm - Graduate Progress Committees, Teaching, Submitting Papers to Conferences, Conference Funding (Peter Poellner)

3.00pm - Writing an MA/MPhil Thesis (Johannes Roessler)

3.45pm - Tea and Coffee

4.00pm - Planning your PhD/MPhil (Peter Poellner)

Both Groups (Cowling Room, S2.77)

4.15pm - Appling for PhD Programmes and Scholarships (Peter Poellner)

5.00pm - Drinks in The Dirty Duck

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