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Programme of Events 2021-22

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CRPLA Seminar: Lorenzo Serini (Warwick), "Friedrich Nietzsche: Cheerful Thinker and Writer. A Reflection on Cheerfulness and the Style(s) of Philosophy"

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Location: R0.14 (and on Teams)

The theme of cheerfulness in Nietzsche's philosophy has recently been at the centre of an important debate in the literature between Robert Pippin (2010) and Lanier Anderson and Rachel Cristy (2017). Engaging with these scholars, I will consider three major questions: (1) What is cheerfulness? (2) What is its value for philosophy? (3) Is Nietzsche a cheerful thinker and writer? If yes, in what sense? As insinuated by the title of this presentation, I propose that it is possible to argue that starting from his middle writings Nietzsche thinks and writes cheerfully in some of his works, including a number of significant ones.

In person and on Teams:

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