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Centre for Research in Philosophy and Literature

Walter Benjamin's Philosophy: Destruction and Experience

Edited by Andrew Benjamin and Peter Osborne
Warwick Studies in European Philosophy

Why read Walter Benjamin today?

The simplicity of the question is disarming. There are as many answers as there are 'Walter Benjamins': Benjamin the Critic, Benjamin the modernist, Benjamin the Marxist, Benjamin the Jew ... . Yet it is Benjamin the Philosopher that, in one way or another, stands behind all of these. This collection explores what Adorno described as his 'philosophy directed against philosophy'.

The essays cover all aspects of Benjamin's writings. From his early work in the philosophy of art and language, through his cultural criticism, to his final reflections on the concept of history. The experience of time and the destruction of tradition are identified as the key themes in Benjamin's understanding of history.

The Contributors: Howard Caygill, Alexander Garcia Düttman, Peter Osborne, Werner Hamacher, John Kraniauskas, Irving Wohlfarth, Rodolphe Gasché, Gertrud Koch, Andrew Benjamin, Rebecca Comay.

The Editors: Andrew Benjamin and Peter Osborne