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Centre for Research in Philosophy and Literature

Writing the Future

Edited by David Wood
Warwick Studies in Philosophy and Literature

This unique book addresses the key question of what it is to exist, to live and write, in time. In an age shadowed by the threat of nuclear annihilation, in which we daily witness the progressive destruction of our environment, the whole conception of "the future" has radically changed. The essays in this collection examine the ways in which this has altered the ways in which we read, write and think.

Can writing point to a different future? Do different kinds of writing open onto the future in different ways? Is the very nature of writing itself changing? What will it be like in the future? This is the first book to deal with the 'Death of the Future' from within contemporary theories of interpretation, and includes essays by Emmanuel Levinas, Jonathan Culler, Jean-Michel Rabaté and Terry Eagleton.