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Warwick Studies in Philosophy and Literature

Published by Routledge

Judging Lyotard (1992)
ed. Andrew Benjamin
On Paul Ricoeur: Narrative and Interpretation (1991)
ed. David Wood
  Philosophers' Poets (1990)
ed. David Wood
  Writing the Future (1990)
ed. David Wood
The Bible as Rhetoric: Studies in Biblical Persuasion and Credibility (1990)
ed. Martin Warner
available in paperback
  Abjection, Melancholia and Love: The Work of Julia Kristeva (1990)
ed. John Fletcher and Andrew Benjamin
available in paperback
Narrative in Culture: The Use of Storytelling in the Sciences, Philosophy, & Literature (1990)
ed. Cristopher Nash
  The Problems of Modernity: Adorno and Benjamin (1989)
ed. Andrew Benjamin
The Provocation of Levinas: Rethinking the Other (1988)
ed. Robert Bernasconi and David Wood
Post-Structuralist Classics (1988)
ed. Andrew Benjamin
Exceedingly Nietzsche: Aspects of Contemporary Nietzsche Interpretation (1988)
ed. David Farrell Krell and David Wood