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Temporal Experience, Memory, and Imagination: Insights from Philosophy and Psychology

TEMI is an acronym for a conference on Temporal Experience, Memory, and Imagination. The conference will be held at the University of Warwick, on the 24th-25th March, 2017 (in the Cowling Room S2.77). The aim is to present an interdisciplinary conference which offers insights from both philosophy and psychology into the ares of temporal experience, memory, and imagination, and how these interact with each other.


Conference Aims

We have three main aims for this conference:
1. To encourage interdisciplinary research on the above topics primarily between philosophers and psychologists (as indicated by our keynotes), but also seeking further insight from across the Humanities and Social Sciences.
2. To facilitate discussion between academic staff, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students working in these areas.
3. To encourage discussion between those working in the areas of memory, imagination, and temporal experience, such as to focus on the overlap between these topics.

The conference is intended to answer some of the following questions (though it is not limited to these):
- Does memory and/or imagination have a role to play in our experience of time?
- Should memory be thought of as involving imagination, and do what extent?
- What are the implications of imagination's involvement in memory for the reliability of memory?
- Do deficiencies in memory impact on imaginative abilities, and vice versa?

Keynote Speakers

  • Remembering Fabian Dorsch and his contribution to this area.
  • Natalja Deng (Philosophy, Yonsei)
  • Sarah Beck (Psychology, Birmingham)
  • Thomas Crowther (Philosophy, Warwick)

Conference Structure

The conference aims to be a collaborative and constructive two days, in which we will have three keynote speakers (selected from philosophy and psychology), as well as four graduate speakers (selected by competition - see below). We hope to allow adequate time to thoroughly discuss the issues raised in each talk, as well as the inevitable overlap between talks.

The call for papers has now passed. A call for registration has been circulated and can be found here.

A Note on Recent Events

As readers may be aware, Fabian Dorsch, Associate Research Professor at the Philosophy Department of the University of Fribourg, sadly passed away. This is a great loss to those who knew Fabian and also to the wider philosophical community, to which he gave so much. Our sincerest condolences go out to his family, friends, and colleagues.

We will use this conference as an opportunity to reflect upon and to remember the enormous contribution Fabian has made to this area of research. In memory of Fabian Dorsch, we would like to direct readers to his obituary in The European Society for Aesthetics, found here.


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Anyone seeking more information regarding the conference should contact the organisers directly at

Conference Organisers:

We are incredibly grateful for the financial support making this conference possible.

Thanks go to the Warwick Philosophy Department, the Warwick Humanities Research Centre, the Analysis Trust, and the Mind Association.