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The centre hosts four kinds of seminars and workshops, organized by, and for, graduate students with an interest in the philosophy of mind and adjacent areas. All graduates are welcome to participate (whatever the subject of their own research).

Research Seminars
The WMA Research Seminar meets weekly during term time for in-depth discussion of recent work in the phllosophy of mind and adjacent areas, led by a member of the centre.

London-Warwick Graduate Mind Forum
The Mind Forum is a network of research students in the philosophy departments of Warwick, University College London and King's College London. It organizes one or two research days each term.

Dissertation group
The dissertation group meets regularly during term time to discuss drafts of chapters or papers by graduate students within the Warwick department, led by a graduate member of the centre.

MindGrad Conference

MindGrad is a graduate conference on philosophy of mind, language and metaphysics, organized by research students from Warwick. It's held every year, usually at the beginning of December. Faculty from the centre review papers and give replies at the conference. Sessions allow for plenty of discussion. Keynote speakers from previous years include Tim Bayne, Paul Boghossian, Michael Bratman, John Campbell, Quassim Cassam, Tim Crane, Fred Dretske, Katalin Farkas, Uriah Kriegel, Mike Martin, Richard Moran, Alva Noë, Lucy O'Brien, David Papineau, Christopher Peacocke, David Smith, Helen Steward, Michael Tye and Timothy Williamson.