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About the Centre

The purpose of the Warwick Mind and Action Research Centre (WMA) is to promote and coordinate work in the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of action, and adjacent areas, and to foster collaborative research by philosophers and psychologists. Topics that are central to its activities include: perceptual experience, consciousness, attention, perceptual knowledge, episodic memory, temporal experience and understanding, causal understanding, self-knowledge and self-consciousness, first- and second-person thought, the development of social understanding, delusions, agency, action explanation.

The centre originated with an AHRC-funded interdisciplinary project on Consciousness and Self-Consciousness. From 2004-8 it hosted another such project on Causal Understanding. (See Past Projects and Publications.) A new project on the Second Person was launched in 2012. (The Second Person Project). Some members of the center are involved in the interdisciplinary Rethinking the Senses project, which is based at the Institute of Philosophy, London and was launched in 2013. For further details on current research projects within the centre, see here.

Several members of the centre have served on the Committee of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (ESPP). The director of the centre, Naomi Eilan, has been the President of the ESPP.

Current activities of the centre include graduate research seminars and conferences (see Graduates), discussion groups, seminar series and workshops (see Events).

In addition to its research programme, the Centre is also closely associated with the MA in Philosophy.

Researchers or prospective students who wish to contact the centre should write to: 

Members and their research interests:

Stephen Butterfill
Philosophy of mind and psychology; causal understanding

Lucy Campbell
Philosophy of Mind and Action; Epistemology

Quassim Cassam
Philosophy of mind; epistemology; Kant

Thomas Crowther
Metaphysics, philosophy of mind, epistemology, and Aristotle

Naomi Eilan (Director of the Centre)
Consciousness and self consciousness; philosophy of mind; philosophy of psychology; metaphysics; Wittgenstein

Christoph Hoerl
The phenomenology of conscious experience; space, time and memory; causal understanding

Hemdat Lerman
Philosophy of mind, especially perception, attention and demonstrative thought

Guy Longworth
Philosophy of language and linguistics

Michael Luntley
Wittgenstein; The metaphysics of thought and reasons; Perceptual knowledge, especially the role perceptually dependent knowledge bases play in expert performance

Richard Moore
Philosophy of mind, language, psychology, human cognition

Philosophy of mind, philosophy of perception, in particular in the non-visual senses and auditory perception

Johannes Roessler
Self-awareness; perceptual knowledge; agency; knowledge of other minds; philosophy of psychology; Kant

Daniel Vanello
Ethics, philosophy of mind, psychology