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Mind and Language (graduate seminars)

For the MA module, topics in the philosophy of mind and language, we will be holding a series of seminars in which members of the department discuss their own research (focusing on joint action and knowledge of other minds). Those interested are very welcome to attend (see details below).

For more information, please contact Professor Naomi Eilan.

Provisional Schedule of Seminars

  1. Introduction with Prof Eilan.
  2. 'Interactionism'
  3. Knowing and Understanding Other Minds: on the role of communication (Eilan).
  4. Joint action in development (Steve Butterfill to present).
  5. Commitment and Joint Action (John Michael to present).
  6. No meeting - reading week.
  7. Anscombe and Joint Action (Johannes Roessler to present).
  8. Temporal Ontology and Shared Action (Thomas Crowther to present).
  9. Sharing non-observational knowledge (Guy Longworth to present).
  10. I, you, we, and joint action (Naomi Eilan to present).

Seminars for 2016-17

Wednesdays 10am - 12pm in room S1.141 (Social Sciences Building)

These seminars will be held in parallel with, and with a similar format to, the WMA research seminars.

For the WMA seminars, see here.