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Guide B&B Prices per night:

Scarman: £82

For full details and online booking, click here.

Alternatively, call +44 (0)24 7652 3222 or email


Guide Prices (approximate per night; names link to Trip Advisor page):

Holiday Inn, Kenilworth: £80 (15m bus/40m walk).

Travelodge, Leamington Spa: £55 (25-40m bus).

Premier Inn, Leamington Spa: £60 (25-40m bus).

Ibis Hotel near Coventry train station: £50.00 (25-30m bus).

It is recommended that you limit yourself to the following locations:

Coventry: the city in which campus is built. Accommodation here is likely to be cheaper than elsewhere. Transport links are good, but be sure to book accommodation on the main bus route (National Express 11/12X) between campus and the city centre. This effectively limits your choice of areas to Canley (residential; walking distance), Earlsdon (self-contained suburb with high street; 15 minutes by bus), and the city centre (more likely to have cheap accommodation; 20-30 minutes by bus).

Kenilworth: small, pretty market town near campus. Generally more expensive than Coventry. Lovely park and historic castle. The bus to campus (National Express 11) takes around 15 minutes.

Leamington Spa: small spa town approximately 7 miles from campus that is home to the majority of off-campus students. Beautiful Georgian houses and shopfronts; upmarket bars, cafes and restaurants. The buses to campus (National Express 11; Stagecoach U1/U2/U12) can take anything from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the day and time, but Stagecoach buses are generally quicker.