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Get Involved

Graduation is only the start of your lifelong connection with Warwick

There are many opportunities for you to get involved with the programme or university once you leave, whether it is returning to join us for events, joining our graduate network or keeping up-to-date with our news and events.


Recent graduates can join our e-mentoring scheme as a mentee to gain support and information about careers in specific industries.

If you are already well-established, please consider becoming a mentor and offering support to a current student or recent graduate, expanding your network and adding mentoring to your CV. Check out a case study to find out what it's all about and sign up today

Recruit Warwick Talent

If you studied with us, then you will know how many PPL students wish to do internships and begin to shape their career as early as possible.

We hope to provide our students with as many career opportunities and internships as possible. If you are able to help, please contact the office, or Employer Connect.

Help at Open Days and Overseas Fairs

We are looking for alumni to share their experiences and how PPL has shaped their career. We know that prospective students appreciate this input so that they can begin to visualise their future and consider the opportunities that a PPL degree can offer them.

If you are able to help, please contact us: ppl at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Guest Lectures and Careers Events

The PPL Society holds a diverse and exciting range of talks through the year. Please do come along or suggest a speaker for the Society to invite to a future event. If you are interested in being involved with these events, please contact us:ppl at warwick dot ac dot uk or the Society: warwickpplsociety at gmail dot com