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Career Options

Cross-disciplinary studies are valued by employers since graduates from these subjects are likely to be able to see challenges from different angles and hence be in a strong position to suggest a range of solutions. They are often able to understand the way in which theoretical considerations may be approached in complex ‘real world’ situations.

Most degrees at Warwick are extremely versatile and the choice of job or career following studies depends more on personal interests, values and work experience than it does on choice of subject. This gives the individual graduate an enormous amount of flexibility. Many employers value Warwick graduates because they understand the value of employees who have successfully completed intellectually challenging courses.

Popular options amongst graduates from Politics and International Studies, Philosophy and Law include civil service, consultancy, charity and campaigning, education, finance, hospitality, law, local government, political party work, property, public relations, publishing, retail management and transport management.

Graduates from philosophy and politics have gone on to study the Graduate Diploma in Law, which is the law conversion course required for further training as a solicitor or barrister. In recent years typically between approximately one-fifth and one-third of graduates from these subjects have gone on to study (most often a taught Masters course) in each year.