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Preparing for PPL

What will your First Year look like?

Your core modules will be:

What is a Module?

A module is a unit of education or instruction, in which a single topic or a small section of a broad topic is studied for a given period of time. Your choice of degree course commits you to a particular set of core (compulsory) modules and it may pre-condition your choice of option modules.

Each University module has its own code, e.g. PH133 Introduction to Philosophy. This code tells you three things:

  • PH - the two letters tell you the department (e.g. PH for Philosophy)

  • 1 - The first digit tells you the year of study (1, 2, or 3 for undergraduate, 9 for postgraduate).

  • 33 - the other digits are the module's serial number

The module code tells you which Department is responsible for teaching any particular module.

LA Law
PH Philosophy
PO Politics and International Studies

Credit and CATS

Warwick uses the Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS) to express credit weightings for each module or unit of learning. Students must take 120 CATS of credit per year, and modules are generally worth 30 or 15 CATS. 30 CATS modules run for the whole year and 15 CATS modules run for one term.

Suggested Reading List

Students are not expected to have studied any of the three disciplines before coming to Warwick. If you are particularly enthusiastic and feel like getting started, however, you can find the reading lists for your modules on the module pages, linked above.