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Lisbon 2014: Updates and Frequently Asked Questions

Does the hostel provide towels and bed linen?

Yes, it does! You can read the full details on the hostel's facilities here.

Do the rooms have private bathrooms?

The bigger room - for 7 people - has its own private bathroom. Those staying in other rooms will use bathrooms and shower rooms shared across more than one room. The hostel has several bathrooms and shower rooms.

Is there free wi-fi in the hotel?

Yes, there is! You can read the full details on the hostel's facilities here.

At what time will we arrive on Friday?

We are scheduled to arrive on campus and in Leamington at around 00.30 on Friday night.

Where can I find out about gigs happening in Lisbon while we are there?

To look up gigs listings in Lisbon, click here.

At what time will we leave campus on Sunday?

We will be leaving from campus at 9.00. We will also be picking students up in Leamington (from the bus stop outside the Parish church, at the intersection of Victoria Terrace with Spencer Street) at 9.20.

What is the luggage allowance?

Each person can take 1 piece of hold luggage of up to 23 kg, plus 1 piece of hand luggage. You can find out more here and here.

What flights will we be taking?

The details of our flights are:

Sun 9th Mar - Flight: BA502
Departs 15:25 LHR-Heathrow (London), Arrives LIS-Lisboa (Lisbon) at 18:05

Fri 14th Mar - Flight: BA503
Departs 18:50 LIS-Lisboa (Lisbon), Arrives LHR-Heathrow (London) at 21:30

What does the fee include and how much additional spending money will I need?

The fee you have paid covers:
- Accommodation
- Insurance
- Flights
- Coach to/from Heathrow
- All breakfasts
- 1 dinner (on the first day)
- 1 day-trip to Sintra, including the transport, guided tour and one light meal (a cheese sandwich, an apple, a cereal bar and a bottle of water); it does not include entrance to museums/monuments
- 1 public transport travel card loaded with €5 (additional top-ups are at your expense)
- All the scheduled activities and materials needed for them (with one exception: for the optional food-themed walking tour which includes lunch, you will be asked to pay €5 per person)

Lisbon is cheaper than the UK. Depending on whether/how much you drink, and whether your meals are in proper restaurants, in cafés or just food bought in supermarkets, you will need roughly:
- £4-£5 a day for transport
- £8-£25 a day for food and drink