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Sociology Mentor Scheme

The mentor scheme provides first-year Sociology students with advice from second and third-year students.

Your Mentor can assist you in making the most of their time at university. When you start university, you will go through a transitional period, as you will be adapting to new ways of learning and teaching, as well, perhaps, as living away from home for the first time. Your Mentor will have gone through this transitional period themselves and can give you some insider tips to help you settle in and navigate university life more smoothly. Your Mentor will be allocated to you around the start of term, but if this is not the case (or if you have any queries) please email the sociology resource account: socugresource at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Your Mentor is only one source of information, so you should not expect them to solve every problem you have. Their prime role is to provide you with a ‘student’s view’ of studying at Warwick in the Department of Sociology. Often the best advice they can give you with is to point you in the direction of other avenues of support (e.g. your Personal Tutor, the Director of Student Experience and Progression (DSEP), the Wellbeing Team, Student Opportunity, the Undergraduate Office, the Students’ Union, the International Office, the Medical Centre).

The Undergraduate Handbook contains a wide range of information about your course. You will find answers to most of your questions relating to your studies here. But if you’re unsure about something, ask your Mentor and they'll be able to help you navigate through the Handbook.

You will usually meet with your Mentor once or twice a term and meetings usually last up to an hour. You should use your Warwick email account to communicate with your them. Due to Coronavirus, it is likely that most Mentor meetings will now take place digitally, via Microsoft Teams, for example. But if you do decide to meet in person you must adhere to social distancing rules and the meeting must take place in a public space within the university (e.g. Sociology Common Room, University Library, Students Union, Oculus, the piazza) and not in a private room.

The Mentor Scheme is built on mutual respect and understanding. It is important, therefore, that you read and abide by the scheme's Code of Conduct.

Some things you might discuss with your Mentor
  • Settling into student life

  • The University and the City

  • The Department
  • What to expect from your course
  • Living independently
  • Planning your time effectively

  • Student Union clubs and societies

  • Accessing university services (e.g. Library, Student Opportunity, Academic Skills, Wellbeing)

  • Opportunities you can get involved in around campus