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Social Justice Research Cluster Graduate Seminar Series

Social Justice Research Cluster Graduate Seminar Series

Inequality and Social Justice In Education: Issues of Class, Race, Gender and Sexuality.

Social Justice Research Cluster, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick.

PG students from all universities welcome. May 2016.

 Event Outline

In an epoch constrained by labour market opportunities for young people and high levels of precarious employment and unemployment, the acquisition of educational qualifications gains increasing significance within an increasingly globalized and highly skilled economy that young people now find themselves competing in. Young people today are barraged with the pervasive public discourse that asserts success in work and life more generally with high levels of formal education. Politically, educational success and failure is increasingly framed in terms of individual agency, the winners and losers within education system are merely those who have worked hard and those who have not. However, academic research has long provided evidence illustrating that different individuals and groups have different educational experiences and outcomes with much research seeking to address the question of why this is. The seminar series will explore research-addressing issues of social justice and inequality within primary, secondary and higher education both in terms of a UK context and overseas. There will be a meticulous focus on issues relation to social class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion and disability.

Event details and speakers can be found here.

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Tue 19 Apr 2016, 10:42 | Tags: PhD Student Postgraduate Staff