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Our Members

Faculty of Arts Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Science Faculty of Social Studies

Faculty of Arts

Centre for Translation and Comparative Culture Studies

Bassnett, Susan

Bielsa Mialet, Esperanca

Chan, Red

Cherrington, Ruth

English and Comparative Literary Studies

Brigley, Zoe

Britzolakis, Christina

Francis, Emma

Frith, Gillian

Labbe, Jacqueline

Lazarus, Neil

Piddlesden, Francesca

Sako, Katsura

Varma, Rashmi

Williams, Heather

Ray, Sumana

French Studies

Astbury, Katherine

Haigh, Samantha

Hampton, Catherine

Paterson, Linda

German Studies

Achinger, Christine


Earle, Rebecca

Gerritsen, Anne

Richardson, Sarah

Todd, Selina

Faculty of Medicine


Adams, Ann

Armstrong, Natalie

Biggerstaff, Deborah

Bosley, Sara

Carter, Yvonne

Jasani, Rubina

Karteris, Emmanouil

Randeva, Harpal

Schreier, Andrea

Thornton, Steven

Faculty of Science

Biological Science

Roberts, Lynne

Computer Science

Sinclair, Jane

Faculty of Social Studies

School of Health and

Social Studies (SHSS)

Blaxter, Loraine

Ellis, Jane

McLeod, Eileen

North, Robyn

Wadia, Khursheed

White, Vicky

Ahmed, D

Chung, Donna

Lapierre, Simon

Wechesser-Muthalali, Annalise

Centre for Educational Development, Apprasal and Research

Galloway, Sheila

Institute of Employment Research

Purcell, Kate

Institute of Education

Kamchedzera, Elizabeth

Wilkie, Christine


Kanyongolo, Ngeyi

Stewart, Ann


Puthuran, Anna

(Gender & Law)

Teece, Charlotte

Jaidin, Hilmi Muhammad

Centre for Lifelong


Oliver, Esther

Politics and International Studies

Alison, Miranda

Rai, Shrin

Smith, Hazel

Van Rompaey, Karen

Lee, Jinock


Aikman, Rebecca 

Akcakoca, Seda
Anderson, Clare
Bradby, Hannah
Carey, Aini Marjut
Charles, Nickie

Cohen, Rachel

Dar, Sarah

Dowler, Elizabeth

Elger, Tony

Farooq, Samaya

Fine, Robert

Gale, Nicola
Grant, Claire

Hughes, Christina

Kramer, Anne-Marie

Lambert, Catherine

Lampard, Richard

Lewis, Lydia

Liddle, Joanna

Lovell, Terry
Lyle, Samantha
Meo, Analía
Mukta, Parita
Parker, Andrew

Perrier, Maud

Phizacklea, Anne-Marie

Pilkington, Hilary

Procter, Ian
Rayment, Juliet
Rice, Hazel
Shin, Julia
Simbuerger, Elizabeth
Steinberg, Deborah
Szczepanikova, Alicen
Throsby, Karen
Undurraga, Rosario
Welsh, Elaine
Williams, Simon
Wolkowitz, Carol
Caroline Wright
Zheng, Nan ( & Law)

Warwick Business School

Beech, Stephanie

Dean, Deborah

Khalifa, Rihab

Scarparo, Simona

Simms, Melanie


King, Claire

Belchior, Claudia

Palmer, Pauline

Scrine, Jan


Simons-Davies, Necia,
C & W Chamber of Commerce

Beattie, Mandy
University of Hertfordshire