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Professor Sasha Roseneil is to give the 2013 Annual Lecture on Thursday March 14 at 5.15 in MS.05.

Her title is:


'The vicissitudes of postcolonial citizenship and belonging in late liberalism'

What does it mean emotionally to live one's life across continents, to have citizenship of one state by birth, while intimate others have allegiances to other places? How can one belong when migration is woven into the fabric of life, when mobility is expected by family, and expulsion enforced by the state? What forms of attachment and subjectivity are possible for the postcolonial gendered citizen in the post 9/11 world, and how might we approach understanding them? In this talk Sasha will grapple with these questions as central to developing a feminist understanding of the contemporary conditions and politics of citizenship and belonging.


Sasha Roseneil is Professor of Sociology and Social Theory and Director of the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research at Birkbeck, University of London. Recent publications include “Social Research after the Cultural Turn” (2012, Palgrave, ed. with Stephen Frosh), “Remaking Citizenship in Multicultural Europe: women’s movements, gender and diversity” (2012, Palgrave, ed. with Beatrice Halsaa and Sevil Sumer), and “Beyond Citizenship? Feminism and the Transformation of Belonging”, which is forthcoming in March 2013 (Palgrave).


The lecture is on March 14th in MS.05 at 5.15.

There will be a wine reception afterwards.

All welcome!