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Carol Wolkowitz (2006) Bodies at Work, London: Sage Publications

provides the first comprehensive and accessible overview of the body/work relation in contemporary western societies. Bridging fields of sociology that have hitherto developed mainly along separate lines, the book demonstrates how concepts developed in the sociology of the body can enrich our understanding of changing patterns of work and employment.

Contents:1. Embodiment and paid employment 2. Picturing embodied labour 3. Industrial bodies 4. Customer services 5. Vulnerable bodies: workplace 'accidents', injury and ill health 6. Will any body do? Conceptualising the 'prostitute body' 7. Body work as social relationship and as labour 8. Concluding remarks

Hannah Bradby (2005), skinfull, London: Onlywomen Press

Two stories featuring adolescent sexuality and a multi-racial feminism. Dialogue sets the Scottish background of the first as we meet Maya and balvinder in Glasgow. In the second story, Underneath the Fairy Lights, Felicity finds a lesbian maturity.

Nickie Charles (2002) Gender in Modern Britain, Oxford: Oxford University Press

explores changing gender relations in Britain since the second world war, and the way in which such changes have been understood sociologically. It discussed crucial issues such as paid employment, domestic labour, parenting, education, the 'crisis' of masculinity, sexuality and politics - mapping the way gender intersects with other dimensions of inequality such as class and ethnicity.

Contents: 1. Theorising gender 2. Gender at work 3. Families and households 4. Gendered Parenting 5. Schooling - it's a girls' world 6. Young men and the crisis of masculinity 7. Sexuality, power and gender 8. Gendering politics 9. Britain in international context