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wall.jpgMembers of the centre have a wide range of research interests and are actively engaged in research both within the UK and internationally. Our research interests and expertise encompass the following areas:

  • Feminist theories and methodologies including black feminist thought and feminist media and cultural theory
  • International development and globalisation including migration and migrant workers, and human rights and violence in international context
  • Gender, politics and power including feminist social movements and social change, the politics of domestic violence, women and political representation, and gender, nation and democratisation
  • Gender and employment including embodiment, gender and the labour process, and the connections between paid and unpaid work in the workplace, households and education
  • Families, households and kin relationships including older people, families and care work
  • Gender, health and illness including professional identities in science and medical care, and gender, health and age
  • Gender and technology including reproductive and genetic technologies, biotechnology and new health cultures, and reproductive politics and governance
  • Gender, food and food policy
  • Gender, sexuality and education
  • Gender, ‘race’/ethnicity and class 
  • Masculinities and celebrity cultures
  • Gender and internet communities

Our research focuses not only on the UK but has an international dimension including the Caribbean and ante-bellum North America, East-Central Europe, India, Japan and Poland.

Current Research Projects


Current Research Collaborations


Past Research Projects and Collaborations