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Project outputs

Maha El Said, Lena Meari and Nicola Pratt, eds. Rethinking Gender in Revolutions and Resistance: Lessons from the Arab World, London: Zed Books, 2015.

Pratt, N. ‘Settler Colonialism, Normalization and Resistance at the Zionist Borders’, e-zine,

Cohen, R., N. Charles and N. Pratt (2012) 'Linking with Palestine' Network: Magazine of the British Sociological Association, Summer 2012: 42

Farr, V. (2011), ‘UN Security Council Resolution 1325 And Women’s Peace Activism in the Occupied Palestinian Territory’, International Feminist Journal of Politics, vol. 13, issue 4.

Hammami, R. (forthcoming, 2011), ‘Neo-Liberalism, Good Governance and “Earned Sovereignty” in Palestine’, Review of Women's Studies #6.

Johnson, P. (forthcoming, 2011), ‘In Search of the Social: Prisoners and the Poor in an Emerging Palestinian Social Contract’, Review of Women's Studies #6

Kuttab, E. (forthcoming, 2011), ‘Colonialism and the Palestinian Economy’, Review of Women's Studies#6

‘Interview with Islah Jad: Women’s Studies, Israeli Occupation and the Cultural and Academic Boycott’, August 2011, podcast.

‘Making Links with Middle East Universities: The Case of a British Academy-funded Partnership with Birzeit University’, presentation as part of the University of Warwick, Festival of Social Sciences, 18 May 2011, by Nickie Charles, Nicola Pratt and Shirin Rai.


Team meeting at Warwick, August 2011