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Past seminars


Seminar 1: Sexuality, Desire and Care Work - 21st January
- Nell Beecham, London School of Economics – A suitable match: A study of class in same-gender relationships.
- Aisha Nazeer, University of St Andrews – Lesbian desire in Le Fanu’s Carmilla read by way of Adrienne Rich. audio file
- Agnete Meldgaard Hansen, Roskilde University – Embodying health, activity and fitness in elderly care. audio file (incomplete)

Seminar 2: Gender in Organisations and Language - 4th February
- Jennifer Philippa Eggert, University of Warwick – Is it strategy, culture or the group? Organisational motivations for the involvement of female combatants. audio file
- Nicola Zoumidou, University of Strathclyde – Rising to the top: Women solicitors in the UK - what is being done? audio file
- Emily Rose, University of East Anglia – Revealing and concealing the masquerade of translation and gender: How to translate a seventeenth-century 'Transvestite Memoir'? audio file

Seminar 3: Spaces of Fear, Inequality, and Gender - 11th February
- Yi-chieh Lee, National Taipei University of Education – Revisiting fear in public space: Women’s experience of fear in MRT space in Taipei. audio file
- Katharina Hecht, London School of Economics – Gender in a study of high income earners’ perceptions towards economic inequality.
- Ceryl Telari Davies, University of Lincoln – ‘Healthy Relationships’: The voices of young women. audio file

Seminar 4: Hermeneutics of Bodies and Stigma - 18th February
- Charlie Crerar, University of Sheffield – The menstrual taboo as hermeneutical injustice.
- Shardia Briscoe-Palmer, University of Birmingham – What impact does hyper-masculinity have on HIV/AIDs related stigma and discrimination in the Black Caribbean community? audio file
- Elham Amini, Durham University – Insider or outsider? Issues of power and habitus during life history interviews with menopausal Iranian women. audio file

Seminar 5: Mediated Gender and Connectivity - 4th March
- Elena De Sacco, University of Liverpool – Whose Voices? –Media discourse and the speech of survivors of sexual violence.
- Fiona McKay, University of Strathclyde – Media(ted) representations of female politicians during the Scottish independence referendum.
- Isabell Loeschner, London School of Economics – Connectivity: Is it simplifying the burden of work-family integration?

Seminar 6: Bodies and Identities of Struggle - 29th April
- Cassandra McLuckie, University of Leeds – The experience of the body over time as a site of learning for ordinary straight men and women, and what it means for feminists theorising heterosex.
- Samantha Ayala, University of York – Solidarity despite difference: Race, identity, and the possibilities of postpositivist realism.
- Tamara Al-Om, University of St Andrews – Syrian women and the struggle to live in truth.

Seminar 7: Motherhood, Queer Femininity and Autobiography - 6th May
- Indrani Karmakar, University of York – Motherhood, class and caste in Mahasweta Devi’s short stories.
- Alexandra Athelsan-Price, University of Leeds – Queer feminine affect aliens: Disabled femmes rearticulating queer femininities through justified anger at ableism.
- Emma Deeks, Edge Hill – The Agency of Anonymity: Reading Women's Autobiographical Blogs.


Session 1: Constructing Sexual Subjects - 22nd January
- Julieta Vartabedian
, University of Newcastle - Do they transgress? On Brazilian travesti sex workers and their perceptions of themselves
- Stephen Symons
, University of Northampton - Any swing goes? Discursive constructions of swinger- identities in a mononormative and gendered culture
- Jacob Breslow
, London School of Economics - "Too bad you had to grow up": Refusing to be a (queer) child in "Palindromes"

Session 2: Women in Literature - 5th February
- Jessica Hindes
, Royal Holloway, University of London - Censorship, Pornography and the Objectified Woman in G.W.M. Reynold's "Mysteries of London" (audio link)
- Susan Garrard
, University of St Andrews - Strange Places, Strange Self: The Autobiography of Mary Smith as Reconfiguration of Victorian Women’s Travelogue (audio link)
- Ellie Dobson
, University of Birmingham - Magical Bodies: The Supernatural Appeal of the Ancient Egyptian Female Body at the Fin-de-Siècle (audio link)

Session 3: Childhood and Motherhood - 12th Feburary
- Aleksandra Mecinska
, University of Lancaster - Breastfeeding as technology: the stakes of a reconfiguration
- Jessica Gagnon
, University of Sussex - Mother as 'monster': the social vilification of single mothers as told by their daughters
- Giulia Zanfabro
, University of Warwick - Feminine Normativity in Contemporary Italian Children and Young Adults' Literature: Norms, Identities, Disidentifications?

Session 4: Gender, Policy and Methodology - March 5th
- Mary-Ann Stephenson
, University of Warwick - Transformation or ticking boxes? The Impact of the Public Sector Equality Duty on the Work of Local Government Equalities Teams
- Emily Henderson
, Institute of Education, University of London - Moving Feminist-ly from theory to data:' Plugging, squelching, reflecting, abjecting'
- David Davis
, University of Sussex - A Comparative Analysis of Combating Gender Stereotypes in Advertising and the Media in the EU

Session 5: Masculinities and gender in organisations - 30th April
- Helen Longlands
, Institute of Education, University of London - Men, Masculinities and Fatherhood in Global Finance (audio link)
- Lauren Ward
, University of Northampton - 'Just Play the Game':Exploring how Masculinities shape Emotionality in male dominated organisations (audio link)
- Lara Pecis
, University of Warwick - Excluding the Other: Reproducing gender dynamics throughout innovation process (audio link)

Session 6: History / the research subject - 14th May
- Beatrice Balfour
, University of Cambridge - Feminist Tales of the Italian Resistance (audio link)
- Emma Jones
, Institute of Education, University of London - (Dis) Orienting Subjects (audio link)

Session 7: Gender and the Media - 28th May
- Laura Clancy, University of Lancaster - (Un)deserved Celebrity? Fame, Femininity and Class Respectability (audio link)
- Sophia Brown, University of Kent - Blogging the revolution: autobiography and transnational feminism in Egypt (audio link)


Session 1: Queer Time, Queer Representations - 14th November
- Sam Mcbean, Birkbeck, University of London - Feminism’s Queer Timing: Unburying Valerie Solanas and SCUM Manifesto
- H. L. Gurney, University of Sussex - Menarche Now! Menstruation, Shame, and Queer Interventions

Session 2: Gendered Violence and Resistance - 28th November
- Roxanne Ellen Bibizadeh, University of Warwick - Women in Exile: Islam and disempowerment in Fadia Faqir's My Name is Salma
- Mirna Guha, University of Warwick - Kaarya (“Work that Heals”): Rehabilitating survivors of trafficking through an innovative livelihood generation programme

Session 3: Women, Work, and Family - 23rd January
- Natalie Wreyford, Kings College London - Gender and Networking for Work Inside and Outside the UK Film Industry
- Lenka Pelechova, University of Nottingham - Negotiating the ‘appropriate closeness and distance’ – host parents’ and au pairs relationships

Session 4: Constructing Gendered Identities - 13th February
- Anne Burns, Loughborough University - What Do I Look Like Online? - Women, photography and social media
- Kirsty Lohman and Ruth Pearce, University of Warwick - Trans Music Isn't
- Andolie Marguerite, Goldsmith’s College - Trans/gender/queer: identities and discourses

Session 5: Women in Political Activism - 13th March
- Lipika Kamara, University of Oxford - The Woman Question in the Indian Maoist Movement
- Katharina Karcher, University of Warwick - Guns n’ Roses: Female participation in leftist political violence in Germany since 1970
- Rose Erin Holyoak, University of Leicester - Eco-Warriors and Earth-Mothers: Young Women Negotiating Femininity in Social Movement Activism in the UK
- Louise Woollett, University of Warwick - The Role of Resistance in Conflict Resolution: A Study of Present-Day Palestinian Young Women's Nonviolent Resistance

Session 6: Health and the Female Body - 1st May
- Umme Busra Fateha Sultana, University of Sussex - Exploring the Construction of Gender & Sexualities in Contraceptive Advertisements in Bangladesh
- Diane Trusson, University of Nottingham - Exploring Gendered Aspects of Biographical Disruption through the Narratives of Women treated for Early-Stage Breast Cancer (ESBC) or DCIS
- Kylie Baldwin, De Montfort University - Social Egg Freezing: Negotiating Choice, Responsibility and the Right Time to Be a Mother

Session 7: Images of Women and Sexism in the Media - 22nd May
- Nazia Hussein, University of Warwick - Complexities of the Representation of Urban Women in Bangladeshi Media
- Izzy Gutteridge, University of Warwick - The Ugly Side of Stardoll
- Joelin Quigley-Berg, University of Warwick - What Counts as Sexism? Regulating Sexist Offence in UK Television Advertising

Session 8: Negotiating Modern Masculinities - 5th June
- Joseph Oldham, University of Warwick - The ‘Blair Masculinity’ in British Spy Fiction
- Emma Hutchinson, University of Warwick - Heteronormativity 2.0: Gender and Identity Performance in an Online Game


Session 1: Processes of interpretation: gender and sexuality in celebrity culture – 2nd of November 2011
- Melanie Kennedy, University of East Anglia: The Jonas Brothers as Tween Pin-ups: The Negotiation of Desire in Young Feminine ‘Becoming’
- Izzy Gutteridge, University of Warwick: Picturing Fame

Session 2: Gender, migration and citizenship – 23rd of November 2011
- Bimbika Sijapati Basnett, London School of Economics and Political Science: Nexus between Gender, Migration and Forest Governance: Re-thinking Community Forestry Policies in Nepal
- Evelyn Sulem, University of Warwick: Transnational Migration in Mexican Indigenous Communities: The Reconstruction of Gender and the Empowerment of Indigenous Women
- Menah Raven-Ellison, Queen Mary, University of London: Unlocking the Gates to Detention: Reflections on Gatekeeper-Researcher Relationships

Session 3: media, representations and sexualities - 18th of January 2012
- Mark Carrigan, University of Warwick: There's More to Life Than Sex?: Rethinking the Sexual Revolution from an Asexual Perspective
- Ruth Pearce, University of Warwick: Genderforking: Deconstructing Gender Norms in a Community Blog

Session 4: Gender issues in the global context: challenging feminist politics - 8th of February 2012
- Angie Pepper, University of Sheffield: Cosmopolitanism, Feminism and the Problem of Cultural Imperialism
- Somayyeh Mottaghi, York University: Doing Feminist Research In Iran
- Amanda Conroy, London School of Economics and Political Science: Masculinity, Citizenship and Sovereignty in the Minuteman Movement

Session 5: Researching Gender: Different Perspectives - 2nd of May 2012
- Annelies Kleinherenbrink, Universiteit Utrecht: Revolutionizing Evolution: Evolutionary Psychology, Feminist Epistemologies, and Bergson’s Reality of Time

Sam Lyle, University of Warwick: What (not) to Wear When You’re a Trainee Accountant

- Danielle Hanisch, University of South Australia: “Girls are just like that”: The feminization of effects of child sexual abuse (CSA) and borderline personality disorder (BPD)

Session 6: Representations of Women in Media - 23rd of May 2012
- Joelin Quigley-Berg, University of Warwick: Comedy and the Fat Female Body

- Nancy Bruseker, University of Liverpool: 'I am in Love (With You)': Vesta Tilley’s Fan Mail and Popular Music Audiences

Session 7: Gender, Class and Bodies at Work - 13th of June 2012
- Natasha McKeever, University of Sheffield: Why Might It Be Wrong to Buy Sex?

- Sini Timonen, City University London: Narratives Of Segregation And Independence: Female Singers And Regional Beat Group Scenes In England In The 1960s

Mona Shrestha Adhikari, University of Warwick: Resistance to Sexualisation of Women’s Work in Kathma ndu Casinos


Session 1: Open Stream – 20th October 2010
- Nazia Hussein, Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, University of Warwick: Colour of Life Achievements: Historical and Media Influence of Identity Formation Based on Skin Colour in South Asia
- Sariya Contractor, University of Gloucester: De-mystifying the Muslimah: Using Muslim women’s digital stories to develop notions of women’s solidarity and shared femininity
- Tom Horn, Goldsmiths College: Who's taking the biscuit? The influence of online discussion forum use and media framing on experiences of efficacy in the 2010 'Mumsnet election'

Session 2: Sport, Leisure and Gender – 10th November 2010
- Jonah Bury, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol: Homosexuality, homophobia and masculinities in professional and grassroots football
- Georgina Roy, Chelsea School, University of Brighton: Feminism and the Female Surfer: Theorising Surfing Spaces
- Deb Butler, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick: Becoming a stranger to the data – the trials and tribulations of trying to leave the field – N.B. Horseracing study

Session 3: Women and Work – 26th January 2011
- Rosario Undurraga, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick: How would you define work? Recognition and identity in relation to the conceptualisation of work
- Jenny Nex, Sociology department, Goldsmiths College: Women in the musical instrument trade in London, 1760–1820.

Session 4: Women Writers – 16th February 2011
- Leanne Bibby, School of Cultural Studies, Leeds Metropolitan University: Complicitous Critiques: A. S. Byatt, the Woman Writer-Intellectual and Feminist Classics Revisited
- Sally Waterman, University of Plymouth: Literary Transformations: A Self-Representational Arts Practice

Session 5: Erotic Dance – 9th March 2011
- Joanne Mitchinson, Loughborough University: Community-based perceptions of lap dance clubs and licensing laws
- Katy Pilcher, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick: Women Customers’ Experiences in Erotic Dance Venues

Session 6: Invisible Bodies/Sexualities – 11th May 2011
- Kirsty Liddiard, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick: Disabled men and women's experiences of intimate relationships: The relationship as a site of emotional work
- Mark Carrigan, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick: “Maybe you’re just a late bloomer?” Understanding the marginalization of asexuals through the investigation of sexual culture
- Jane Traies, University of Sussex: The Lives of British Lesbians Over Sixty: An Empirical Investigation

Session 7: Gender, sexuality, and the criminal justice system – 1st June 2011
- Anastasia Chamberlen, School of Law, King’s College London: “My Body is a Cage”: An Investigation into the Bodily Identities of Incarcerated Women
- Matthew Jones, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University: Sexuality and Policing: Exploring the occupational experiences of LGB police officers throughout England and Wales

Session 8: Embodying Gender – 15th June 2011
- Dara Blumenthal, University of Kent: “You Lookin' At Me?” Investigating Masculine Embodiment and the Interaction Order of Public Toilet Spaces
- Michael Ward, Cardiff University: Young Masculinities and the ‘alternative scene’: negotiating de-industrialization among white, working class young men in the South Wales valleys.
- Ana Porroche Escudero, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Sussex: Breast Cancer Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Breast Cancer? Implications for methodology



Session 1: Women and Workplace Negotiations – Wed. 21st October 2009, 5pm
- Maria Karepova, Centre for Women's Studies, University of York. 'A mental start: the "alternative" ways of entering the labour market of psychological counselling in Russia'.
- Sophia Michael, LSE. 'Male or Female? Neither. Personality Dictates: A study investigating the way in which gender affects the negotiation process'.
- Juliet Rayment, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick. 'The midwife-mother relationship: Intimacy within an institution'.

 Session 2: Women and Public Space in India and Taiwan - Wednesday 11th November 2009, 5pm
- Hiranmayee Mishra, Centre for Women's Studies, University of York. 'Negotiating privately for a public space: Indian women in Panchayats'.
- Kai-Jung Yuan, Department of Politics, University of York. 'The Negotiation of Feminine Spaces in Electoral Campaigns: Competition and Cooperation'.

 Session 3: Domestic and Sexual Violence – Wed. 2nd December 2009, 5pm
- Abigail Hunt, Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, University of Warwick. 'Gender, framing and political opportunities: Exploring the strategies used by the English sexual violence and abuse movement'.
- David Beecham, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick. 'Being the Breadwinner: Economic Independence or Economic Entrapment? Women's Experiences of Intimate Partner Abuse'.

Session 4: Women and Sport – Wed. 27th January 2010, 5pm
- Sam Farooq, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick. 'Shooting Hoops for Britain: The British Muslim Women's Basketball Team and the Women's Islamic Games'.
- Deborah Butler, Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, University of Warwick. 'Work identities, horseracing and gender'.

Session 5: Women's Sociability: Past and Present – Wed. 10th February 2010, 5pm
- Mark Hailwood, Department of History, University of Warwick. 'Women and the Alehouse in Seventeenth-Century England'.
- Emily Falconer,
Department of Sociology, Manchester Metropolitan University. 'Politicising female backpacking: A new "women's movement" or simply women on the move?'.

Session 6: Disability and Sexuality – Wed. 3rd March 2010, 5pm
- Kirsty Liddiard, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick. "I feell bottom of the heap": Disabled Sexual Stories and Gendered Telling.
- Sue Smith,
School of English, University of Leicester. "Neither Normal nor Human": The Cyborg in C.L. Moore's "No Woman Born"' (1944).

Session 7: New men? – Wed. 12th May 2010, 5pm
- Jessica Baily,
Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield. 'Exploring the social construction of gender in a feminist context'.
- James Milton, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Liverpool. Don't Men Care? 'Hegemonic Masculinity', Care-giving Practices, and the Emotional (Psycho-social) Subject.
- Mark McCormack, Department of Education, University of Bath. 'The Declining Significance of Homohysteria for Male Sixth Form Students in the South of England'.

Session 8: Expressing sexuality - Wed. 2nd June 2010, 5pm
- Adrienne Evans,
Department of Psychology, University of Bath. 'Sexualized Clothing and the Porn Star T-shirt: Risk, "Choice" and Parodic Intent'.
- Rebecca Pohl, English & American Studies; School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, University of Manchester. 'Space and Sexuality in Recent British Fiction: Sexing the Labyrinth'.
- Mary Ryan, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland. 'Tackling Taboos: Irish Chick Lit Voicing the Silenced'.


Wednesday 12th Nov 2008 5-7pm
Erin Sanders, University of Nottingham. 'Western women’s interactions with the sex industry'.
Tom Thurnell-Read, Department of Sociology, University of Warwick. 'Off the leash and out of control: Embodied masculinity in Eastern European Stag Tourism'.
Wednesday 14th January 2009 5-7pm
Sara de Jong, University of Nottingham. 'Self andother in feminism: Reflexivity and complicity'.
Agnes Khoo, University of Manchester. 'The role and participation of women in the democratisation movements in South Korea and Taiwan from 1987 to the present'.
Wednesday 4th February 2009 5-7 pm
Rachel Foulds, Goldsmith College, University of London. 'An isolated Soviet voice: The masculine versus the feminine in teh music of Galina Ustvolskaya'.


Wednesday 9th January 2008 5 pm
Madaleine Woods, University of Warwick, 'Female Narrative Energy in the Writings of Dead White Males: Dickens, Collins, Freud'.
Wednesday 30th January 2008 5 pm
Amila Jayamaha, University of Warwick, 'Representation of the Female Militant: Power, Sexuality and Memory'.
Wednesday 20th February 2008 5 pm 
Arina Lungu, University of Warwick, 'Representations of Gendered Space in Doris Lessing’s Fantasy Fiction'.
Wednesday 12th March 2008 5 pm
Colleen McNeil-Walsh, University of Birmingham, 'Collective Narratives, Gendered Stories: Exploring the Centrality of Gender in Nurse Migration'.



Wednesday 11th October 2006, 5pm 
Maud Perrier (University of Warwick) Girls’ Gendered Identities and the Media: Feminist Dis/Identifications.
Wednesday 25th October 2006, 1pm 
Nicola Wilson (University of Warwick) Politicising the Home in Working-Class Womens’ Fiction of the 1920s.
Wednesday 8th November 2006, 1pm
Nicola Gale (University of Warwick) 'Feminine' and 'masculine' ways of knowing the body: training in alternative and complementary medicine.

Wednesday 22nd November 2006, 5pm
Julieta Barrenechea and Javier Castro (University of Basque Country) Exploring gender dimensions in one research assessment survey. The case of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of the Basque Country.
Wednesday 17th January 2007, 5pm
Maria Zubair (The University of Reading) University education, family influence and identity: Gender Differences in identity negotiation among British Pakistani Muslim university students.
Wednesday 24th January 2007, 5 pm
Stella Baraklianou (Goldsmiths College) Mothers/Daughters/mothers.