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2004/5 Papers

Wednesday 8 June 2005, 1pm (R3.25) Unsung Heroines: Making and Unmaking of Women's History in the Naxalbari Movement, Mallarika Sinha Roy (University of Oxford)

Wednesday 1 June 2005, 1pm (R3.25) Successful Heterosexuality: A Labour of Love, Thea Cacchioni (University of Warwick)

Wednesday 25 May 2005, 1pm (R3.25) Journeys through Ethnography: Women in Thai Restaurants in England, Patreeya Kitcharoen (University of Warwick)

Wednesday 11 May 2005, 1pm (R2.41) Bourdieu and Professional Pentecostal Women in South Africa, Maria Frahm-Arp (University of Warwick)

Wednesday 4 May 2005, 1pm (S0.28) 'Soft hands' and unblemished faces: 'Women's modernities' in a Lebanese village, Michelle Obeid (LSE)

Wednesday 2 March 2005, 1pm Voices of Dalit Women from Pune, Shailaja Paik (University of Warwick)

Friday 12th Nov, 5pm Mobile Heterosexuality? Girls' Experiences of Their Bodies Through Boys and Friends, Beckie Coleman (Goldsmith College, University of London)

Wednesday 17th Nov, 1pm Prostitution as an sexuo-economic transaction, Giulia Garofalo (University of East London)

Wednesday 1st Dec, 1pm Gender Revisited: meanings of sustainability from the perspective of community-based social entrepreneurs, Barbra Wallace (University of East London)

Wednesday 15th Dec, 1pm Women headed-households and their vulnerabilities to multiple natural hazards in Orissa: a missing element in disaster response, Nibedita Shankar (University of Warwick)