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Graduate Seminar Series - 2022/2023

Join us for this year's Graduate Seminar Series!

The seminar series aims to:

  • Foster discussions on questions of/around gender and feminist studies

  • Provide a safe and comfortable space for students to present their research

  • Create an opportunity to fine tune presentation skills and conference presentations/possible publications

Zoom links will be made available for each session closer to the date.

The Law and Legal Systems
Thursday 1st December 3pm-5pm, Zoom

This session was postponed due to the UCU strikes and will now be held on Thursday 1st December.
Join us for our first session of this year's graduate seminar series in which we will be using feminist perspectives to critically analyse the legal and carceral systems from a variety of angles.

Using case studies from Croatia, India and Spain, our three panellists will lay bare some of the central gendered dynamics that operate throughout the legal processes, from the defining and situating of a crime, to the characterisation of criminal behaviour, through to the formulation and reclamation of identity in a prison context.

In doing so, we will be confronted by various patriarchal institutions, gendered constructions and paternalistic narratives that fundamentally shape how these systems of justice function.

University of Split Blanka Cop "Where Would We Be If We Detained All Family Abusers?" Necessity Of Feminist Perspective in Study and Prevention of Femicide in Croatia
Jawaharlal Nehru University Shreya Mahajan Gender and the Law: Construction of insanity by Indian Courts
University of Birmingham Mia Parkes Women’s writing in Franco’s prisons: motherhood, femininity, and solidarity
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Meeting ID: 859 4950 9581
Passcode: 734083

Feminism, Identity and Subjectivity
Wednesday January 25th, 3pm-5pm, Zoom

The seminar focuses on feminist engagements with power and social relations from three different contexts.

It involves the digital feminist activism in China, issues of naming and otherisation of Taiwanese diasporic women in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, and the affective dimension in Clarice Lispector’s novel, O Lustre (1946).

Through these unique contributions, our panellists explore the multiple terrains of feminist activism, solidarity and theory.

University of Oxford Georgia Lin “Legal” vs. “Preferred”: An Autoethnography on the Affective Consequences of Whiteness in Naming
University of Oxford Lingchen Huang Affective Bodies, Playing and Micropolitics in O Lustre by Clarice Lispector
Ohio University Eva Liu MeToo activism without the #MeToo hashtag: online debates over entertainment celebrities’ sex scandals in China
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Meeting ID: 853 6417 9695
Passcode: 926985

Nationalism and State's Policies
Wednesday March 8th, 3pm-5pm, Zoom
University College London Xuerui Hu Family-based Reproductive Citizenship: lesbians' journey of having a child in mainland China
London School of Economics Kimia Talebi "Unveiling" the modern man and woman: the transformation of gender in Pahlavi Iran, 1925-41
Brainware University Debadrita Saha The embodied semiotics of the subaltern subject: mapping the sexual agency of female domestic workers in colonial Bengal
University of Stirling Rachel Abreu Instagram, Beauty and the Role of Religious, Ethnic Background
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Passcode: 107210

Queer Phenomenology
Wednesday April 26th, 3pm-5pm, Zoom
University of Vienna Flora Löffelmann

When Clocks Stop Working – Queer Temporality, Collective Continuance and Rhetoric-Epistemic Oppression

University of Oxford Sofia Sanabria de Felipe Non-binary neurodivergent lived experience: a case study in being at home in one’s virtual and physical body
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Meeting ID: 847 6666 7412
Passcode: 907754

Women on the Screen
Wednesday May 31st, 3pm-5pm, Microsoft Teams
University of Warwick Lydia Brammer Forgotten Melodrama: Girlhood and Relatability in Ayako Wakao’s Early Star Image
Universidad de Murcia Lucia Celdran Noguera Between feminism and dictatorship: TV adaptation of ‘Jane Eyre’ in England and Spain in the 1970s”
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The CSWG Graduate Seminar Series welcomes graduate research students from across the UK and beyond to share their work on gender, sexuality and feminism, in a supportive and friendly interdisciplinary environment.


The seminars are free to attend and open to students at all stages of study, staff and the general public .


If you face any access barriers and there are any adjustments we can make to support your full participation, please email us via cswgseminarseries at gmail dot com.


If you have any questions about the events in the series, please email us via cswgseminarseries at gmail dot com.


The seminar series organising committee for 2022 - 2023 are: Asma Abdi, Bronwen Mehta, Gabriel/le du Plessis, Pallavi Joshi, Raad Khair Allah and Ummul Fayiza