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2012-13 Contemporary Issues Seminar Series


Gendering Food Security

Friday 8 February 2-5pm,

Wolfson ResearchExchange, room 2


This workshop addresses the international gender dimensions of food security, focussing on women as producers as well as consumers of food. It explores the significance of gender in developing policies that will reduce rather than exacerbate gender-based inequalities in a situation of food inequalities and climate change.


Speakers include:

Stephanie Barrientos (School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester): Women farmers and workers in Gender Production Networks: Surviving the Cocoa-Chocolate Sourcing in Ghana and India.


Jessica Duncan (Centre for Food Policy, City University London): Women Livestock Keepers and the White Revolution: Assessing the impacts of dairy coops on the pastoralists of Gujarat, India.


Stefanie Lempke (Department of Gender and Nutrition, Institute for Social Sciences in Agriculture, University of Hohenheim): Food Security, sustainable livelihoods and gender in South Africa.


Lopamudra Patnaik Saxena (independent academic researcher and consultant): Gender, Climate Change & Food Security in South Asia.


Entrance is free but numbers are limited so please email to register

A buffet lunch is available immediately prior to the workshop and there is a wine reception for all participants afterwards