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Are We All 'Post-Racial' Yet?

Speaker: David Theo Goldberg (University of California)

Humanities Research Institute

Are we post-racial yet? The data strongly suggests that pretty much all societies in which the claim to have achieved post-raciality is advanced are self-evidently not. What sense critically to make, then, of how racisms can proliferate, can be so crudely persistent and obvious, in the face of the equally insistent claims to be over, socially irrelevant, no longer of real concern. I will argue that post-raciality, far from the end of racism, constitutes the newly prevailing mode of racist articulation for the times we inhabit. I will elaborate some of the driving characteristics of this new mode, their new forms of articulation and force, and their new and renewed subjects of expression. And conclude that we are, indeed, all 'post-racial' already, though for non-standard reasons.

David Theo Goldberg

Date: 26th November 2014
Room: H0.51