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Matthew Abbey


Matthew Abbey is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick. His interests surround migration and border studies; political violence and colonialism; art and the social imagination; queer theory and speculative thought; and the links between machine learning and knowledge production. He has published articles in several peer-reviewed journals, including Sexualities, European Journal of Cultural Studies, Contention, Identities, Porn Studies, and Visual Studies.


Peer-reviewed Articles

Abbey, Matthew. 2023. "Queer migration and the performance of crime and illegality." Contention 11(1): 1-23.

Abbey, Matthew. 2023. "Beyond intelligibility: the hauntings of queer migration." Identities 30(2): 198-216.

Abbey, Matthew. 2022. "Truths, fakes and the deserving queer migrant." Sexualities.

Abbey, Matthew. 2022. "Queer performance on the border: making critical fun of European immigration regimes." European Journal of Cultural Studies 25(4): 957-972.

Abbey, Matthew. 2021. "Performing for the camera: queer migration, sex work, and objecthood." Visual Studies 37(4): 284-295.

Abbey, Matthew. 2021. “‘Refugees welcome’, including in (gay) porn: violence under the mask of liberation.” Porn Studies 8(3): 314-330.


SO118 - Life of Media: Past, Present and Future

SO341 - Transnational Media Ecologies

SO360 - State Crime, Human Rights and Global Wrongs

Photo of Matthew Abbey