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Problems of Debt: Explorations of life, love and finance

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Editor: Samuel Kirwan

What is the problem of debt when the use of credit not only sustains hopes and dreams for the future, but is also a mode of survival? Whilst rising concern about widespread ‘over-indebtedness’ has raised awareness of the difficulties people face when dealing with multiple debts, there is a risk that such terms limit out understanding of the financial and emotional lives of indebted households. This book collects diverse stories and reflections from authors researching household debt burdens it documents the injustices of debt-based economies in the uk and beyond, but also pays attention to the pleasures and worries of those in debt, as well as the practices and experiences of those seeking to assist debtors.


Introduction by Samuel Kirwan

Shelly's story 

The two faces od debt by Ana Gutiérrez Garza

Violence, finance and place: finacial crisis ordinariness in Ramallah, Palestine by Christopher Harker

On hypervigilant subjects by Leila Dawney

Malachi's story

The impact of the introduction of Universal Credit on advice agencies by Tom Barrett

In charge of your life by Deborah James

Resisting debt and evictions by Oscar Berglund

Marcela's story

Sands of hope: keeping yourself going in ther face of multiple dispossessions by Ryan Davey

Debt vulnerability and time: reflections on the enforcement of council tax arrears in Wales by Jennie Bunt

Changing times for debt advice by Samuel Kirwan

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