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Steve Fuller


Email: (preferred mode of contact)

Room: D0.01 (Social Sciences)

Telephone: +44(0)24 765 23940

Twitter: @profstevefuller


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'Thinking Allowed', BBC Radio 4, 19 Sep 2018

Virtual Futures Interview, London, May 2018 (90 minutes, with Q&A)

'The Post-Truth about Fake News'

Other resources related to the new book can be found on the publisher's website.

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Debate over attitudes to risk: precautionary v. proactionary


Social Theory of Law 2014-15 

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Warwick Blog
Politics & Social Theory MA I (2013-14)


Steve Fuller (born 1959, New York City) graduated from Columbia University in History & Sociology before gaining an M.Phil. from Cambridge and PhD from Pittsburgh, both in History and Philosophy of Science. He currently holds the Auguste Comte Chair in Social Epistemology in the Department of Sociology.

Fuller is the founder of the research program of social epistemology. It is the name of a quarterly journal he founded with Taylor & Francis in 1987, as well as the first of his twenty-five books. His most recent work has been concerned with the future of humanity, or 'Humanity 2.0'.

He has spoken in over 30 countries, often keynoting professional academic conferences, and has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts since 1995. He was awarded a D.Litt. by Warwick in 2007 for significant career-long contributions to scholarship. He was appointed to the Auguste Comte Chair in Socal Epistemology in 2011, and is a Fellow of the UK Academy of Social Sciences and the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Breakthrough Institute, the leading 'ecomodernist' think-tank and an Affiliate Scholar at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, the leading 'transhumanist' think-tank. His writings have been translated into more than twenty languages.

Since 2013, he has been a member of Edge, the 'third culture' at the edge of knowledge, contributing to its annual questions.

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Major areas of research are the future of the university and critical intellectuals, the emergence of intellectual property in the information society, the interdisciplinary challenges in the natural and social sciences, the political and epistemological consequences of the new biology, science and religion, the future of humanity.

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Teaching and Supervision

Since coming to Warwick in 1999, he has supervised several Ph.D. students, taught on the Doctoral Training Programme and the MA in Social Research. He has been convenor of the MA in Philosophy and Social Theory and now teaches on Politics and Social Theory. At the undergraduate level, he regularly the social theory of law, sociology of knowledge, sociology of end times and media sociology. He welcomes students working in the sociology of knowledge, history, philosophy and sociology of science, the nature the university and intellectual life, and normative issues relating to recent developments on the impact of science and technology on society, especially as they alter our conception of what it means to be human.

Most Recent Books

  1. Back to the University's Future: The Second Coming of Humboldt (Springer Verlag, 2023).
  2. A Player's Guide to the Post-Truth Condition: The Name of the Game (Anthem, 2020).
  3. Nietzschean Meditations: Untimely Thoughts at the Dawn of the Transhuman Era (Schwabe Verlag, 2019).
  4.  Post-Truth: Knowledge as a Power Game (Anthem, 2018).
  5. The Academic Caesar: University Leadership is Hard (Sage, 2016).
  6. Knowledge: The Philosophical Quest in History (Routledge, 2015).
  7. The Proactionary Imperative: A Foundation for Transhumanism (Palgrave, 2014), co-authored with Veronika Lipinska

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