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Katy Harsant

About Me

I am currently employed as a Teaching Fellow in the Sociology department at Warwick.

I completed my PhD at Warwick in 2016 and my research interests centre around re-narrating the histories of international institutions in order to understand the significance of colonialism in their formation.

I have a BA (Hons) in Sociology with a Specialism in Research Methods (completed 2010) and an MA in Social Research (completed 2011).

My Research

'Selective Responsibility: The United Nations and Intervention'

My PhD research explored the role of the notion of 'responsibility' within United Nations policies on intervention. Using archival material and a methodological approach from historical sociology, this research looks at the mechanisms that allow for the selective enforcement of current United Nations policies with regards to military intervention. I argue that from the outset, the United Nations as an institution was grounded in unequal colonial power relations and that these unequal relationships are legitimated through the idea of responsibility, allowing for neocolonialism in contemporary contexts. The project aims to re-narrate the history of the United Nations in order to emphasise these colonial origins and to provide an account of the long tradition of anti-colonial resistance to international institutions.

Supervisors: Gurminder K. Bhambra and Goldie Osuri

Funding: Economic and Social Research Council (via the Warwick Social Sciences Doctoral Training Centre)

Dr Katy Harsant


Department of Sociology

Twitter: @k_harsant