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Charles Turner's Home page

Research interests:

sociological theory, history of sociology, politics of commemoration, the politics and culture of Europe, modern European thought.


Modernity and Politics in the Work of Max Weber (1992). London: Routledge.

Social Theory after the Holocaust (2000). Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, edited with Robert Fine.

The Shape of the New Europe (2006). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, edited with Ralf Rogowski.

The Sociology of Wilhelm Baldamus: Paradox and Inference (2010). London: Ashgate, edited with Mark Erickson.

Investigating Sociological Theory (2010). London: Sage.

Recent Articles:

(2011) 'Sacred Sociology: the life and times of Philip Rieff', Theory Culture and Society 28 (3), 80-105.

(2009) 'Habermas's Öffentlichkeit', Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 12 (2), 225-241.


Current Research Projects:

1. Polish and German memories in Silesia.

2. The Idea of an Interdisciplinary Human Science. Current discussions of and enthusiasms for interdisciplinarity display a singluar lack of clarity and mostly provide support for ecleticism backed up by naive realism (X 'studies'). The claim of this book will be that interdisciplinarity only makes any intellectual sense as philosophical anthropology. To this end I am working on a book, provisonally entitled The Nobility of the Desk, in which I discuss the work of four thinkers who have in my view taken the most significant steps towards such an anthropology: Hans Blumenberg, Bruno Latour, Philip Rieff and Peter Sloterdijk.


Undergraduate teaching: Theoretical Ideas in Sociology, Contemporary Social Theory, Social Theory of Law.

Postgraduate teaching: Sociology of Modernity, The Idea of Europe, Politics and Social Theory