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David Charles Stuart Turner


0044 2476 523114


(2019) Secularization. London: Routledge, 180pp.

(2010) Investigating Sociological Theory. London: Sage, 216pp.

(1992) Modernity and Politics in the Work of Max Weber London: Routledge, 232pp.

Edited Books

(2010) and Mark Erickson (eds.) The Sociology of Wilhelm Baldamus: Paradox and Inference. London: Ashgate, 148pp.

(2006) and Ralf Rogowski (eds.), The Shape of the New Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 214pp.

(2000) and Robert Fine (eds.), Social Theory after the Holocaust. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 266pp.

Articles in Journals

(2020) ‘The Wrong End of the Stick: Nabokov and self-deception’, Odradek: Studies in Philosophy of Literature, Aesthetics and New Media Theories 6(2): 9-36.

(2019) ‘Secularisation: a movable feast’ (in Turkish), Cogito No.94 (Summer),

(2019) ‘Social Types and Sociological Analysis’, History of the Human Sciences 32(3): 3-23.

(2019) ‘Theses on Populism’ (in Turkish), ONS (Summer).

(2015) ‘Travels without a Donkey: the adventures of Bruno Latour’, History of the Human Sciences 28(1): 118-38.

(2014) ‘The Sociological Tradition or Traditions?’ American Sociologist 45 (1): 22-33.

(2011) ‘Sacred Sociology: the life and times of Philip Rieff’, Theory, Culture and Society 28(3): 80-105.

(2009) ‘Habermas’ Öffentlichkeit: a reception history’, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 12 (2): 225-41.

(2008) ‘Stop the Pidgin: a reply to Steve Fuller’, Philosophy of the Social Sciences 38(3): 379-82.

(2005) ‘Scenographies of Suicide: Hitler and his Victims’, Economy and Society 34(2): 261-79’

(2004) ‘Jürgen Habermas: European or German?’ European Journal of Political Theory 3(3): 293-314.

(2003) ‘Mannheim’s Utopia Today’, History of the Human Sciences 16(1): pp.27-48

(1999) 'Appropriating Auschwitz: The Żwirowisko Crosses', Journal of Holocaust Education. Vol.8, No.2, 27-44.

(1998) ‘Touraine’s Concept of Modernity’, European Journal of Social Theory. Vol. 1, No.2, pp.185-93.

(1996) 'Holocaust Memories and History', History of the Human Sciences. Vol.9, No.4, pp.45-63.

(1994) 'Pluralizm a Demokracja: kwestie sporne', Społeczęnstwo Otwarte. No.9, pp.18-24.

(1993) 'Liberalism and the Limits of Science: Weber and Blumenberg', History of the Human Sciences. Vol.6, No.4, pp.57-79.

(1989) 'Weber, Simmel and Culture', Sociological Review. Vol.37, No.3, pp.518-29.

(1988) (with P. Manning) ‘The Problem of Authenticity in Tourist Research', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology 24 (1): 136-39.



Book Chapters

(2020) ‘Infinite Progress and the Burdens of Biography’, in A. Bielik-Robson and D. Whistler (eds.) Interrogating Modernity: Debates with Hans Blumenberg. London: Palgrave, pp.175-192.

(2018) ‘Time and Tide in Sociology’, in J. Castro, B. Fowler and L. Gomes (eds.) Time, Science and the Critique of Technological Reason: Essays in Memory of Herminio Martins. London: Palgrave, pp.183-190.

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(2017) ‘Islamism, Political Islam’, in W. Outhwaite and S. Turner (eds.) The Sage Handbook of Political Sociology. London: Sage, pp.669-82.

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(2010) with Mark Erickson, ‘Wilhelm Baldamus: an intellectual biography’, in Erickson and Turner, pp.1-14.

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(1990) 'Lyotard and Weber: Postmodern Rules and Neo-Kantian Values', in B.S. Turner, (ed.), Theories of Modernity and Postmodernity. London, Sage, pp.108-16.


Encyclopaedia Entries

(2020) ‘Arendt, Hannah’, in P. Atkinson et al (eds.) Sage Research Methods Foundations.

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(1997) ‘Public and Private’, The Blackwell Encylopedia of Sociology. Oxford: Blackwell.


Review Articles

(2006) ‘The Origins and Dynamics of Genocide’, Economy and Society 35(1): 168-183 (on Michael Mann, Fascists, and The Dark Side of Democracy).

(1999) ‘In Praise of Frederic Jameson’, History of the Human Sciences 12(3): 149-158. (on Perry Anderson, The Origins of Postmodernity).

(1998) ‘The Strange Anti-Liberalism of Carl Schmitt’, Economy and Society 27(4): 434-57 (on Carl Schmitt, Roman Catholicism and Political Form and Leviathan in the State Theory of Thomas Hobbes; Heinrich Meier, Carl Schmitt and Leo Strauss; John McKormick, Carl Schmitt’s Critique of Liberalism).

(1998) ‘Going Down’, History of the Human Sciences 11(4): 141-8 (on Hans Blumenberg, Shipwreck with Spectator).

(1996) ‘Untitled’, History of the Human Sciences 9(2): 139-51 (on Peter Osborne, The Politics of Time; Andreas Huyssen, Twilight Memories).

(1990) 'Organicism, Pluralism and Civil Association', History of the Human Sciences. Vol.5, No.3, pp.175-84 (on Otto von Gierke, Community in Historical Perspective; Paul Hirst, The Pluralist Theory of the State; Paul Franco, The Political Philosophy of Michael Oakeshott).

(1991) ‘The Illusion of the Epoch’, History of the Human Sciences 4(1): 107-13 (on Lisa Appignanesi (ed.), Postmodernism, Roy Boyne, Foucault and Derrida; Steven Connor, Postmodernist Culture, David Harvey, The Condition of Postmodemity, Andrew Benjamin (ed.), The Lyotard Reader; Hugh Silverman (ed.), Postmodernism: philosophy and the arts).

Book Reviews

(2018) Yuri Slezkine, The House of Government, British Journal of Sociology 69(3): 865-7.

(2018) Sara Farris, Max Weber’s Theory of Personality, Max Weber Studies 18(1): 145-8.

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Published Translations

(2016) Peter Wagner, ‘Democracy and Capitalism in Europe, Brazil and South Africa’ in G. Rosich and P. Wagner (eds.) The Trouble with Democracy. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, pp.212-232 [from German]

(2013) Stephan Nachtsheim, ‘The Concept and Philosophy of Culture in neo-Kantianism’, in J. Walker (ed.) The Impact of Idealism: The Legacy of Post-Kantian German Thought Vol.2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp.136-160. [from German]

(2010) Wilhelm Baldamus, ‘The Exoteric Paradox’, in Erickson and Turner (from German), pp.87-106. [from German]

(2010) Jan Hartman, ‘I just want to be myself’, Tygodnik Powschechny, 14th December [from Polish]

(2010) Marcin Król, ‘What I Remember’, Tygodnik Powschechny, 14th December [from Polish]

(1999) Wolfgang Schluchter, 'Psychophysics and culture’, in S.P. Turner (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Weber. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp.59-80. [from German]

(1996) Claus Offe, Modernity and the State. Cambridge: Polity (5 chapters) [from German].


Papers presented

(2019) ‘A moving carriage of similes: Robert Musil on love’, Theory, Culture and Society conference on Truth and Illusion, University of Klagenfurt, June (with Zeynep Talay-Turner).

(2019) ‘Secularisation: a movable feast’, conference on Secularisation, Secularism, Laicism, Bligi University, Istanbul, May.

(2019) ‘From Balzac to Bauman’, conference on The Third Culture, University of Warwick, May.

(2018) ‘What is Populism?’, Bilgi University, Istanbul, April.

(2018) ‘Infinite Progress and the Burdens of Biography’, workshop on Modernity after Blumenberg, ENS Lyon, April.

(2017) ‘Brexit and the Suspension of Parliament’, conference on Parliamentary Traditions in Central and Eastern Europe, Przemyśl, October.

(2014) ‘Shame and Plagiarism’, workshop on Shame and the Act of Writing, Warwick University. September.

(2013) ‘Some Thoughts on Plagiarism’, University of Brighton, May.

(2012) ‘The Sociological Tradition or Traditions?’, conference on The Legacy of Robert Nisbet, Lingnan University, Hong Kong.

(2011) ‘The Relative Metaphors of Bruno Latour’, CRESC Annual Conference, Oxford, September.

(2009) ‘A Séance with Philip Rieff’, European Sociological Association, Lisbon, September.

(2008) ‘Sloterdijk’s Spheres: an absolute metaphor’, Warwick Social Theory Centre and Institute for Advanced Study Workshop on Peter Sloterdijk, May.

(2008) ‘Against the Europeanisation of the Holocaust’, workshop on Transnational Literatures and Cultures, Warwick.

(2008) ‘The Structure of Sociological Inference: a forgotten classic’, Wilhelm Baldamus Centenary Special Event, British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Warwick, April.

(2006) ‘Europe: from future to past’, European Research Institute, University of Birmingham, November.

(2006) ‘What is Organisational Illiberalism?’, Sociology of Organisations panel, World Congress of Sociology, Durban, July.

(2006) ‘The Social Sciences and Politics’, Warwick University Sociology Department Annual Debate (with Michael Burawoy), June.

(2006) ‘Crap Diagrams’, University of Brighton, May

(2006) ‘The Future of Europe’, conference on The Legacy of Solidarność, Warwick, February

(2005) ‘Cynicism and Scepticism: two approaches to sociology’, University of Bristol, February.

(2004) ‘Social Theory and the Art of Living’, European Sociological Association Social Theory Committee, Paris, September.

(2003) ‘Scenographies of Suicide: Hitler and the Holocaust’, Conference: Scenographies of Suicide, Birkbeck College, University of London, September.

(2003) ‘Power and Human Nature: Plessner v. Foucault’, Philosophical Anthropology, Politics and Society, 2nd Meeting of the Helmuth Plessner Gesellschaft, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, March (invitation]

(2003) ‘Cultural Studies, Interdisciplinarity and Significance’, Conference on Cultural Studies and Interdisciplinarity, University of Innsbruck, March.

(2002) ‘Metaphor in Sociology’, World Congress of Sociology, Brisbane, July.

(2001) ‘Sociology and Cultural Studies’, University of Birmingham, Dept. of Sociology and Cultural Studies, November.

(2001) 'Englishness, Britishness and Europe', Conference on European Identities, University of Latvia, Riga, October.

(2001) ‘The Ethical Turn in Sociology: Remarks on Bauman', 35th Congress of International Institute for Sociology, Kraków, Poland, July.

(2001) ‘Frame and Form in Sociology’, conference on Re-examining the Aesthetic, University of Bristol, November.

(2000) ‘Rules, Practices and the Idea of a Shared Culture’, Conference on Peter Winch and the Idea of a Social Science, University of Bristol.

(1999) ‘Appropriating Auschwitz’, 34th Congress of the International Institute of Sociology, University of Tel Aviv, July.

(1998) ‘The Return of the Political and the Demise of Politics’, ESRC Seminar, Social Theory and Major Social Transformations, Warwick University, Oct.

(1997) ‘Living in a Post-Historical World’, Collegium Budapest, Budapest.

(1996) 'Holocaust Memories and History', Conference on Identity, Memory, History, University of the West of England.

(1995) 'Eastern Europe and the Rhetoric of Transition', Theory, Culture and Society Conference, City, Nation, World, Berlin.

(1994) 'Tradition as a Sociological Problem', Dept. of Sociology, Univ. of Warsaw.

(1993) 'Weber, Civil Society and the Changes in Eastern Europe', Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.

(1992) 'The Anatomy of Democratic Melancholy', Dept. of Sociology, University of Lancaster

(1990) 'Carl Schmitt's Political Philosophy', Anglia College of Higher Education, Cambridge.

(1990) 'Dogmatism, Vanity and Vocation', BSA Max Weber Study Group, German Historical Institute, London.

(1989) 'Lyotard and Weber', American Sociological Association, San Francisco.

(1989) 'Simmel and the City’, Architectural Association, London.


Online Commentary

(2020) ‘The break up of the UK is coming, but will it be violent or peaceful?’,, October.

(2020) ‘Coming to terms with our past’,, June.

(2019) ‘November 9th is remembrance Saturday’, LSE Blogs, November.

(2019) ‘Two Cheers for Hypocrisy’, LSE Blogs, September

(2019) ‘Through the Looking-Glass’,, March.

(2019) ‘These irresponsible brexit games’,, February.

(2019) ‘A Citizens’ Assembly is the best way out of this brexit mess’, LSE Blogs, January.

(2018) ‘Major Constitutional Change requires more than mere majorities’, LSE blogs, December.

(2018) ‘Theresa May, Max Weber, brexit and political leadership’, opendemocracy, December.

(2018) ‘Grammar Schools aren’t the enemy: private schools are’,, November.

(2018) ‘The Political Theory of Enlightened Isolationism: in muted praise of Jeremy Corbyn’, Discovering Society, March.

(2017) ‘The Brexit Generation Game’, Prospect Magazine, 2nd August.

(2016) ‘Parliament’s Brief Dalliance with the People’, Prospect Magazine. 15th December.

(2016) ‘Sovereignty and responsibility after brexit’, opendemocracy, July.

(2016) ‘Erdoğan’s Voices’, London Review of Books Blog, 25th July.

(2015) ‘Voting in Istanbul’, opendemocracy. 6th November, 2015 (as Wayne Thaxsted).

(2014) ‘Taking Sides in Ukraine’, opendemocracy, April.

(2013) ‘Erdoğan and Cameron: shared values?’ opendemocracy. 20 August.

(2013) ‘Turkey and Egypt’, Independent Voices. 14 July

(2013) ‘Turkey protests: Erdoğan is Turkey’s Mrs. Thatcher’, Independent Voices. 5 June.

(2013) ‘Erdoğan’s Style’, opendemocracy. 3 June (as Wayne Thaxsted).


Current/future research projects

Ongoing. The Human Sciences and the Claims of Literature.

Ongoing. Legacies of Communism.

Ongoing. The Politics of the Centre


Conferences organised

(2018) Robert Fine Memorial Conference, University of Warwick, November.

(2008) Warwick Social Theory Centre Workshop on Peter Sloterdijk, University of Warwick, May.

(2002) Annual Meeting of the International Social Theory Consortium, International University Centre, Dubrovnik, July.

(2001) ‘The Shape of the New Europe’, University of Warwick, May

(1998) ‘Social Theory After the Holocaust’, University of Warwick, February