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David Charles Stuart Turner


0044 2476 523114

Publications - Books


(2013, forthcoming) ‘The Sociological Tradition or traditions?’ in P. Baehr (ed.) The Life and Legacy of Robert Nisbet. New Brunswick: transaction Books.

(2013, forthcoming) ‘Exiles in British Sociology’, in J. Holmwood (ed.) The Palgrave History of British Sociology. Palgrave.

(2010) Investigating Sociological Theory, London: Sage.

(2010) with Mark Erickson (ed.), Paradox and Inference: essays in honour of Wilhelm Baldamus. London: Ashgate.

(2006) with Ralf Rogowski (ed.) The Shape of the New Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

(2000) with Robert Fine (ed) Social Theory After the Holocaust, Liverpool: Liverpool University Press.

(1992) Modernity and Politics in the Work of Max Weber, London: Routledge.


Publications - Articles


(2011) ‘Sacred Sociology: the life and times of Philip Rieff’, Theory, Culture and Society. Vol.28, No.3, 80-105.

(2010) ‘The Structure of Sociological Inference: a forgotten classic’, in Mark Erickson and Charles Turner (eds.) The Sociology of Wilhelm Baldamus. London: Ashgate.

(2010) Investigating Sociological Theory. London: Sage.

(2009) 'Habermas's Offentlichkeit: a reception history', Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy. Vol.12 (2), 225-41.

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(1988) (with P. Manning) ‘The Problem of Authenticity in Tourist Research', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Sociology, 24, 1, pp.136-139.




(1999) Wolfgang Schluchter, 'The Psychophysics of Industrial Work', in S.P. Turner (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Weber , Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

(1996) Claus Offe, Modernity and the State, Cambridge: Polity (5 chapters)


Presented Papers


(2010) 'Relative and Absolute Metaphors in the Human Sciences', CRESC Conference, 'The Social Life of Methods', Oxford (Sep).

(2010) 'Available Pasts', Bogazici University, Istanbul (April).

(2008) 'The Structure of Sociological Inference: a forgotten classic', BSA Annual Conference, Warwick (April).

(2006) ‘Europe: from future to past’, European Research Institute, University of Birmingham, November

(2006) ‘What is Organisational Illiberalism?’, paper presented to Sociology of Organisations panel, ISA World Congress of Sociology, Durban, 26th July.

(2006) ‘The Social Sciences and Politics’, Warwick University Sociology Department Annual Debate (debate between Charles Turner and Michael Burawoy), June

(2006) ‘Crap Diagrams’, University of Brighton, May

(2005) ‘Cynicism and Scepticism: two approaches to sociology’, University of Bristol, February.

(2004) ‘Social Theory and the Art of Living’, European Sociological Association Social Theory Committee, Paris, September.

(2003) ‘Scenographies of Suicide: Hitler and the Holocaust’, Conference: Scenographies of Suicide, Birkbeck College, University of London, September.

(2003) ‘Power and Human Nature: Plessner v. Foucault’, Philosophical Anthropology, Politics and Society, 2nd Meeting of the Helmuth Plessner Gesellschaft, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland, March

(2003) ‘Cultural Studies, Interdisciplinarity and Significance’, Conference on Cultural Studies and Interdisciplinarity, University of Innsbruck, Austria, March

(2002) ‘Metaphor in Sociology’, ISA World Congress of Sociology, Brisbane, Australia, July

(2001) ‘Sociology and Cultural Studies’, University of Birmingham, Dept. of Sociology and Cultural Studies, November.

(2001) 'Englishness, Britishness and Europe', Conference on European Identities University of Latvia, Riga, October.

(2001) ‘The Ethical Turn in Sociology: Remarks on Bauman', 35th Congress of International Institute for Sociology, Kraków, Poland, July

(2001) Conference Introduction, The Shape of the New Europe, Univ. of Warwick, May.

(2001) ‘Frame and Form in Sociology’, conference on Re-examining the Aesthetic, University of Bristol, November

(2000) ‘Rules, Practices and the Idea of a Shared Culture’, Conference on Peter Winch and the Idea of a Social Science, University of Bristol

(1999) ‘Appropriating Auschwitz’, 34th Congress of the International Institute of Sociology, University of Tel Aviv, Israel

(1998) ‘The Return of the Political and the Demise of Politics’, ESRC Seminar, Social Theory and Major Social Transformations, Warwick Univ. Oct.

(1997) ‘Living in a Post-Historical World’, Collegium Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

(1996) 'Holocaust Memories and History', Conference on Identity, Memory, History,

University of the West of England.

(1995) 'Eastern Europe and the Rhetoric of Transition', Theory, Culture and Society Conference, ‘City, Nation, World’, Berlin.

(1994) 'Tradition as a Sociological Problem', Dept. of Sociology, Univ. of Warsaw

(1993) 'Weber, Civil Society and the Changes in Eastern Europe', Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.

(1992) 'The Anatomy of Democratic Melancholy', Dept. of Sociology, Univ. of Lancaster

(1990) 'Carl Schmitt's Political Philosophy', Anglia College of Higher Education, Cambridge

(1990) 'Dogmatism, Vanity and Vocation', BSA Max Weber Study Group, German Historical Institute, London

(1989) 'Lyotard and Weber', American Sociological Association, San Francisco

(1989) 'Simmel and the City’ Architectural Association, London


Conferences Organised




(2002) Annual Meeting of the International Social Theory Consortium, International University Centre, Dubrovnik, July

(2001) ‘The Shape of the New Europe’, University of Warwick, May

(1998) ‘Social Theory After the Holocaust’, University of Warwick, February


Grants Received


(1999) AHRB Small Projects Research Grant for The Politics of Memory in post-1989 Poland (£2,000)

(1998) Warwick University Research and Teaching Development Fund for Conference on Social Theory after the Holocaust (£1,000)

(1990) Postdoctoral Year Long Stipend, German Academic Exchange Service, for work at Archiv und Arbeitstelle der Max Weber Gesamtausgabe, Bavarian Academy of Sciences, Munich, Germany


Teaching Experience


  1. Undergraduate. Since 1994 I have been responsible for the development of Warwick sociology’s key undergraduate 2nd Year core course, Theoretical Ideas in Sociology, covering sociological theory from 1920 to the present. I have also developed a final year course Contemporary Social Theory which builds on the 2nd Year core course, and have contributed to first year modules in Modernity and Globalisation and Sociological Imagination and Investigation.
  2. Postgraduate. Since 1994 have been centrally involved in taught graduate courses at masters and doctoral level. My masters teaching has been on the MA in Social and Political Thought, including Politics and Social Theory (core course, Hobbes to Habermas); Sociology of Modernity, a two term module covering both sociological and philosophical debates about modernity; Sociology of the Holocaust, which covers sociological, historical and literary approaches to the holocaust. I have also run courses for PhD students in the philosophy of the social sciences.
  3. Visiting Lectureships.
    1. Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw (1992-1994)
    2. Institute of Sociology, University of Nizhni Novgorod (2001).


Professional Activities


Co-Director, Warwick University Social Theory Centre

Member, International Social Theory Consortium

Collaborating Member, CEELBAS (Centre for Eastern European Language-Based Area Studies)




English (native), German (fluent), Polish (fluent), French (intermediate), Turkish (learning)