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Zoha Waseem

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Email: Zoha dot Waseem at warwick dot ac dot uk

Twitter: @ZohaWaseem

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I joined Warwick in September 2021. Previously, I was a post-doctoral research fellow at the Institute for Global City Policing, University College London (UCL). I have taught in the areas of Crime and Society at UCL and International Security at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). I completed an LLB (Hons) degree at SOAS, an MA degree in Terrorism, Security and Society from King’s College London, and a PhD in War Studies at King’s College London

Research Interests

My research interests are interdisciplinary; though I draw from sociology, criminology and political science, my work focuses on policing and critical criminology. I am particularly interested in policing, crime, and state violence in postcolonial settings. I am currently working in the areas of policing and migration, police-minority relations, the politics of police reform, militarisation of policing, and policing resistance, social movements, and dissent. While my primary regional focus is Pakistan and South Asia, I am also interested in studying these phenomena in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

Select Publications


    Waseem, Z. forthcoming. Insecure Guardians: Enforcement, Encounters and Everyday Policing in Postcolonial Karachi. Hurst & Co.

    Cavalcanti, R., Waseem. Z., and Squires, P. forthcoming. Southern Perspectives on Policing, Security and Social Order. Bristol University Press.

    Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles & Book Chapters

    Waseem, Z. 2021. Policing COVID-19 through procedural informality in Pakistan. Policing and Society, 31(5), 583-600. View.

    Waseem, Z. 2021. Infringements or safeguards? Pakistan’s counterterrorism measures and a divided civil society. In, Counter-terrorism and civil society: Post-9/11 progress and challenges. Manchester University Press. Forthcoming.

    Laufs, J. and Waseem, Z. 2020. Policing in pandemics: A systematic review and best practices for police response to COVID-19. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. 51. View.

    Waseem, Z. 2019. ‘Brothers in arms’? A police-paramilitary partnership in Karachi. Policing and Society, 31(2), 131-147. View.

    Selected Media and Commentary

    Waseem, Z. 2021. ‘The problems with policing Pakistan’. Dawn (09 May 2021). View.

    Waseem, Z. 2021. ‘When the police want more guns: Militarized policing has become a trend in South Asia, but is that making the region more secure?’. Inkstick (04 March 2021). View.

    Delbridge, V. and Waseem, Z. 2020. ‘Crime and COVID-19: Lessons from Cape Town and Karachi’. International Growth Centre (09 July 2020). View.

    Waseem, Z. and Rafiq, A. 2020. ‘Coronavirus pandemic puts police in the spotlight in Pakistan’. United States Institute of Peace (16 June 2020). View.

    Waseem, Z. 2020. ‘Policing and public health in Pakistan’. Asia Law Centre (03 June 2020). View.

    Waseem, Z. 2020. ‘COVID-19 in South Asia: “Hard policing” approach has left police ill-prepared to respond to a pandemic’. Policing Insight (14 April 2020). View.

    Waseem, Z. 2019. ‘Encounters as a method of policing Karachi’. Strategic Hub on Organised Crime (26 February 2019). View.

    Waseem, Z. 2019. ‘What the Sahiwal shooting tells us about police culture’. Dawn (22 January 2019). View.

    Waseem, Z. 2018. ‘Policing the police’. Newsline Magazine (17 September 2018). View.

    ‘Encounter killings in India’. BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight (09 December 2019). Listen here.

    ‘Police reforms in Pakistan’. BBC Urdu’s Sairbeen (30 September 2019). Listen here.


    Policing and Society – Second Year Module.

    Gender, Race and Sexualities in the Criminal Justice System: Policy and Practice – Second Year Module.