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Our Strategy

The Departmental Strategy has been designed to provide a framework for our growth and development as the University's newest academic unit. Through our five broad goals and the objectives that support them, we seek to meet our mission -- To provide world-leading educational programmes that prepare students for future success. We aspire to position Warwick Foundation Studies as one of the most successful pre-university departments in the UK in terms of the quality of teaching and learning and in its contribution to the wider university community.

Our strategy must be sufficiently flexible and adaptable to respond to the evolving needs of both the department and the wider university and to exploit new and unforeseen opportunities as they arise. I anticipate the regular review and revision of the strategy throughout the course of each academic year. Our ability to respond to new opportunities depends on our capacity to be agile and able to act quickly in a constantly changing environment. I am confident that the enthusiasm and dynamism shown within Warwick Foundation Studies, from both our dedicated staff and talented students, places us in a strong position to meet the challenges ahead and move the department from strength to strength together.

Dr Ines Molinaro, April 2018
Head of Department