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Room Bookings & Timetabling


Warwick Business School has a wide range of teaching and meeting facilities which can be booked by staff only. Please ensure that you have checked the availability of the room via the links below before booking with us.

How to Make a Booking

All booking requests are processed by Academic Services, requests are sent through to via the online request form: Make an Online Booking Request

Step 1: Identify the room/s you wish to book using the links at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Check availability of the room using the links below to each room (these will open in a timetable grid view, you will need to scroll through to find the date/time required)

Step 3: Complete the booking request form

Step 4: You will receive an email from a member of the team once your request has been accepted and confirmed.

Browse our rooms using the options below

The capacities of each room are shown in brackets.

Lecture Theatres

We have ten lecture theatres, room capacities range from 70-292.

IT Teaching Rooms

We have three IT teaching rooms, capacities range from 26-76.

Seminar Rooms 

We have eleven seminar rooms, capacities range from 25-52.

Meeting Rooms 

We have thirteen meeting rooms, capacities range from 2-25.

Other/Event spaces 

We have the Create Space and one bookable lounge area. Capacities for the lounge area range from 60-70.

How the WBS room numbering system works

WBS Room Numbering System
  • The first number presented represents the floor number. 0 is the ground floor.
  • The floor number is followed by a decimal point, and in our implementation of the scheme, a zone number.
  • Finally a two digit number which represents the particular room within the floor and zone. These are sequentially allocated to neighbouring rooms.

Make a Booking

Make an Online Booking Request

Make a booking request for a live streaming room

Make an Online Booking Request for the Shard

University Room Bookings

The University's timetabling office has a number of rooms across campus which may be booked by both staff and students. To access the University's online booking form, you need to enter your Warwick login and password.

Book a Centrally Timetabled Room

Booking Information

Booking information and procedures

Useful Information

Book a Visitor Car Parking Space

Request to Use Video Conferencing

WBS Room Numbering

Key Returns

Please note that if you are returning a meeting room key outside of Reception hours, there is a key return box next to the store room at the back of Reception.

View our Building Plans

Floor 0

Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3

Floor 4

Contact Us

If you wish to amend or cancel a room booking please email:

To arrange door access please email:

To request equipment or support with furniture layouts please email:

To arrange additional cleaning please contact: Rose Lafferty - Cleaning Supervisor