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Expectations and Requirements for Mentees

It is the applicant’s responsibility to understand expectations, requirements and key dates. Please read the following carefully.

  • The induction is to provide you with the tools necessary to begin your mentoring relationship, to ensure you have all you need to make the most of the programme. It will cover contact plans, contracting, expectations, escalation routes, mentee viewpoint and other helpful details.
  • You will not learn who your mentor is until after your induction.
  • Full Induction attendance is a requirement for all mentees.
  • Matching is based on aims and goals – not industry or location.
  • We cannot guarantee that your mentor will be based geographically close to you or in the same country.
  • Our mentors have a wealth of experience in their own right but the programme also has the additional benefit of mentors tapping into the wider mentoring network, should a mentee require additional support.
  • To avoid any possible confusion WBS Mentors are not:
    • Recruitment consultants (there to find you a job or make connections)
    • Providers of contacts or a network, or an introductory service
    • Careers/business advisers
  • Mentors are there to offer an unbiased viewpoint and to help guide you through your career path.
  • Communications will now go quiet, until after matching, approx mid-May.
  • Once, matching is complete, your matched mentor is notified of your preferred induction date (see below)
  • Mentor’s will do their best to align with your date but an alternative date to ‘meet’ maybe offered. Although, you should attend the face-to-face induction (if selected).
  • With respect to matching and when you will meet your mentor, we will contact you mid-May with further details – there is nothing to do now except protect your induction date.