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WBS CareersPlus & Employer Relations



Working with our Students

It takes more than a degree from a leading business school to achieve your dream job. It takes perseverance, preparation and a range of personal and professional skills. Whether you are an UG, MSc or MBA student you need to be able to adapt the specialist knowledge, skills and management techniques learnt during your course to ensure you get the best possible access to your chosen career

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Employer Relations

Working with Corporates and Alumni

By partnering with us, we will help you to better understand your business and the challenges you face. To ensure success, a dedicated Relationship Manager from our Employer Relations team will be assigned to you to guarantee consistent and broad engagement across all areas of the business school.

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Professional Networks

Warwick has many groups who run events and provide networking opportunities for students and alumni interested in particular fields, and WBS is closely involved with those focused on specific business areas. Read More

Advertise a Role

If you would like us to advertise a role to University of Warwick Business School students or graduates please click here

Student Projects

A student project is the ideal way to gain targeted work on a business issue from an MBA or MSc student, equipped with the latest theories and practices, for a fraction of the cost of a consultancy firm. A project also provides the opportunity to test a candidate's suitability for a permanent position.

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We do hope that you find this site a useful reference for your professional development and wish you a successful and rewarding future career.