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How has the Mentoring Programme Helped You?

Since the Global Mentoring Programme launched, we have helped over 1,200 mentees to progress personally and professionally. One of these mentees, now a WBS Mentor - Gülcan Telci - details her journey of joining WBS to study an Executive MBA and join the programme in a blog.

She writes:

"Towards the end of my course, I joined the WBS mentoring programme and connected with a successful business owner and WBS graduate who provided tremendous support."

Before her Executive MBA, Gülcan was in a demanding job as a regional manager of a home-care provider, with an unsupportive employer. Once she embarked on the degree, she found that her job no longer aligned with her ambitions.

She found clarity after joining the global mentoring programme, with a supportive WBS mentor.

In particular, she found that:

"They challenged me to grow and offered much-needed backup to navigate my path, even as I faced stormy personal times."

In the end, Gülcan was able to take a risk and become an entrepreneurial consultant, resulting in autonomy, more flexibility and being able to travel frequently. Read about Gülcan's complete WBS journey here.

She went from being a WBS mentee to a WBS Mentor, and is still on the global mentoring programme today helping others to achieve their goals - we are proud to have her represent us.

...Does Gülcan's story inspire you?

On the Global Mentoring Programme, we want to celebrate your success. If you would like to share your journey on the programme, reach out to us at or We will be happy to discuss featuring you in our next news article!