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IiP Announcement: Re-Accredited Once More

The Global Mentoring Programme has done it again!

We have regained our IiP accreditation until 2025, which is the third time in a row since 2016 when we received our first award.

Accredited to since 2016 sounds pretty official, doesn't it! It attests to the timeless efforts of mentors, mentees, the steering committee, and our staff, to ensure that the programme provides all with positive new development, both personally and within the workplace.

Here is some feedback from mentors in the IiP interviews:

“Support is there from SteerCo, the webinars are good, and I have
nothing but praise for Donna, who keeps everyone well informed.”

“ We`re all volunteers – we choose to do this. But the Business School
absolutely appreciates you and it`s quite fun. I like trying to help
people achieve their potential.”

“For me, I benefit from the diversity of mentees, different
backgrounds, different cultures…It enriches your own perspectives.”

A massive thank you to all of the volunteer WBS Mentors who take the time out of their busy schedules to support their mentees and those who participated in the IiP interviews - it really did make a difference, as you can see.

We will be reviewing the recommendations from those interviews and provide further details in due course, so keep your eyes peeled!