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Inclusivity Event: Does hybrid working really foster inclusion?

We are delighted as WBS is launching a new series called Embracing Diversity to increase understanding of intersectionality and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. We’ll have debates, keynotes with enlightening interactive sessions about the opportunities and challenges facing leaders and organisations. We’ll have leaders from all intersections of business and society.

Is hybrid working really fostering an inclusive culture, or does it bring further challenges? How is this working for leaders, employers, workers?


Remote meetings can level the playing field, and can increase flexibility or work-life balance but personal connections can be impacted. Change can both exacerbate and reduce inequality.

Let’s consider intersectionality… are some employee groups missing out? How are older or younger being impacted and/or those with disabilities?

What best practice is out there already? What have we learned that can we take forward so we ensure we foster inclusion? What are the top tips for a hybrid working culture? Or is there an alternative?

Ultimately, businesses and organisations need productivity to thrive.

>>Join our panel discussion to explore these questions.

There will be several panellists including Lizzie Penny, a WBS Alum and CEO of Hoxby. Lizzie is an entrepreneur and a campaigner for 'workstyle' - the freedom to choose when and where you work. She is fascinated by how new working practices can fundamentally redefine inclusion at work, whilst also improving wellbeing and step-changing productivity.