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Warwick has many groups who run events and provide networking opportunities for students and alumni interested in particular fields, and WBS is closely involved with those focused on specific business areas.

Groups are set up by alumni and students, for alumni and students, with support and guidance from us. Membership is open to all Warwick alumni and students and there is no restriction on the number of groups you can join. Each group works in a slightly different way, depending on the interests of participants and coordinators. Some groups also run social media sites, so you can connect with them wherever you are in the world.

Typical group activities include lectures, seminars and webinars, conferences, business networking, online networking, formal dinners... and of course, having fun!

If there is no group for your area of interest, you might want to consider becoming a Warwick Ambassador and setting up a new group. For details on the various networks please click here

If you would like to submit an event idea please complete this form