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Conference Schedule

Day 1 (12 April 2011)


9:00 Registration and welcome coffee – Student Lounge
11:00 Opening Session & Key Note Speaker – Room B0.01
12:00 Buffet Lunch – Student Lounge
  Stream 1 – Room B0.01 Stream 2Room B1.19 Stream 3 – Room B0.08
13:00 Promoting Innovation Through Online Collaboration With Consumers – Implications Over the Technology Life Cycle (Discussion Paper)

Benedikt Langner (SBS)

The Process of Offshoring Knowledge Intensive Services (Discussion Paper)

Kristin Brandl (WBS)

Multiple Calculating Periods Generalized Volatility Model

(Discussion Paper)

Lu Li (WBS)

13:30 Structuring Spontaneity: Managing Creativity in Knowledge-Sharing Communities (Full Paper)

Ziebro, Monique (WBS)

Of Birds and Bees - ICT Projects as Rare High Impact Events (Full Paper)

Alexander Budzier (SBS)

Fundamental Analysis and Portfolio Selection

(Full Paper)

Huazhu Zhang (WBS)

14:10 Coffee/Tea Break & POSTER SESSION – Student Lounge
  Stream 1 – Room B0.01 Stream 2 – Room B1.19 Stream 3 – Room B0.08
14:50 Exploring Online Information-Seeking Strategies via Social Media: A Relational Marketing Perspective

(Discussion Paper)

Navdeep Athwal (WBS) A Geographical Analysis of Lender Networks

(Discussion Paper)

Jessica Richman (SBS)

How Does Liquidity Affect Corporate Financing Decisions? (Full Paper)

Hyun J. Im (SBS)

15:20 Innovation rumour communities: What are the implications of online rumours for the firm's innovation process?

(Full Paper)

Tim Hannigan (SBS)

Critical Success Factors as Explanatory Variables of the Choice of Inter-firm Governance Mode: Cases of Biofuel Industry in Thailand, China, Vietnam and the Philippines (Full Paper)

Jin Hooi Chan (JBS)

Liquidity Commonality Across Equity and Credit Markets (Full Paper)

Miriam Marra (WBS)

16:00 The Role of Communication Patterns in the Development of Self-Brand Connections in Young Consumers

(Full Paper)

Farrah Arif (JBS)

Conceptualizing “Frugal” Innovation Under Institutional Voids, Resource, and Affordability Constraints: A Competitive Advantage of Emerging Nation Firms

(Discussion Paper)

Yasser Bhatti (SBS)

Corporate Investments and the Value of Liquidity

(Full Paper)

Kridsda Nimmanunta (JBS)

  End of Presentations – Free Time
18:30 Informal Drinks – Scarman Conference Centre Lounge
19:30 Conference Dinner – Scarman Conference Centre Courtyard Room (smart casual dress suggested)

Day 2 (13 April 2011)

9:00 Morning Coffee – Staff Lounge
  Stream 1 – Room B0.01 Stream 2 – Room B1.19 Stream 3 – Room B0.08
9:40 Embodied Knowledge in User Innovation (Full Paper)

Ivano Cardinale (JBS)

A Study of Inter-organisational Learning During Extreme Events

(Discussion Paper)

Gareth Owen (WBS)

The Valuation of Exotic Barrier Options by Contour Bridge Simulation

(Full Paper)

Pokpong Chirayukool (WBS)

10:20 Did you see that? Shadowing executives to understand how information and evidence is used in decision-making (Discussion Paper)

Bart Johnson (WBS)

HR Discretion: Understanding Line Managers’ Role in Human Resource Management.

(Full Paper)

Juan Lopez Cotarelo (WBS)

10:50 Coffee/Tea Break – Staff Lounge
  Stream 1 – Room B0.01   Stream 3 – Room B0.08
11:20 Emotional Worlds During Mergers and Acquisitions (Full Paper)

Noelia-Sarah Schnurr (WBS)

  Bubbles and Crises in Open Economies (Full Paper)

Kirill Zadodov (JBS)

12:00 Social Construction of Meanings: Advancing the Notion of Africa as a Continental Brand. Implications for Place Marketing

(Discussion Paper)

Penelope Muzanenhamo (WBS)

  On the Evolution of the Exchange Rate Response to Fundamental Shocks

(Full Paper)

Gino Cenedese (WBS)

12:30 Buffet Lunch – Staff Lounge
13:30 Closing session and awards – Room B0.01
14:00 End of conference