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Woxbridge 2011 Presentations and Posters

Presentations & Posters to Date

A Role of Communication Patterns on Child-brand Relationships Discussion Paper Arif, Farrah JBS
Managing Globally Outsources New Product Development (NPD) Poster Amin, Mahdi JBS
Exploring Online Information-Seeking Strategies via Social Media: A Relational Marketing Perspective Discussion Paper Athwal, Navdeep WBS
Innovation and Entrepreneurship under Institutional Voids, Resource and Affordability Constraints – A Competitive Advantage or Emerging Nation Firms Discussion Paper Bhatti, Yasser SBS
The Process of Offshoring Knowledge Intensive Services Discussion Paper Brandl, Kristin WBS
Of Birds and Bees - ICT Projects as Rare High Impact Events Full Paper Budzier, Alexander SBS
Tacit Knowledge in User Innovation Full Paper Cardinale, Ivano JBS
Study of the Volatility of Exchange Rates Full Paper Cenedese, Gino WBS
Critical Success Factors as Explanatory Variables of the Choice of Inter-firm Governance Mode: Cases of Biofuel Industry in Thailand and China Full Paper Chan, Jin Hooi JBS
The Valuation of Non-Constant Barrier Option by Iterated Stopping Time Simulation Discussion Paper Chirayukool, Pokpong WBS
[tbc] Poster Davies, Julie WBS
The Effect of Fair Value Accounting Standards on Emerging Market Companies: Has IFRS Adoption Improved Transparency? Poster Ghani, Osman WBS
Product Rumour and Proposition in Online Communities: Implications for the Firm Innovation Process Full Paper Hannigan, Tim SBS
Product Development Alliances in Pharmaceutical Companies Poster He, Xiang JBS
How Does Liquidity Affect Corporate Financing Decisions? Full Paper Im, Hyun J. SBS
Did you see that? Using Participant Observation and Shadowing as Techniques to Understand “How” and “When” of Executives Make Decisions Discussion Paper Johnson, Bart WBS
Promoting Innovation Through online Collaboration With Consumers – Implications Over the Technology Life Cycle Discussion Paper Langner, Benedikt SBS
Stock Return and Volatility: Long-Run and Short-Run Component Model Discussion Paper Li, Lu WBS
HR Discretion: Understanding Line Managers’ Role in Human Resource Management Full paper Lopez Cotarelo, Juan WBS
When to Reward Existing customers? An Experimental Investigation Poster Mahmood, Ammara SBS
Sociomaterial Practice in Museums:. An Analysis of Museum Organizational Change and Its Impact on Learning Innovation Discussion Paper Marchetti, Emanuela WBS
Liquidity Commonality Across Equity and Credit Markets Full Paper Marra, Miriam WBS
The Relationship Between Characteristics of Blog Users, Blogs on Attitude, Attitude Towards Blogs and Avoidance of Sponsored Posts Poster Mutum, Dilip WBS
Social Construction of Meanings: Advancing the Notion of Africa as a Continental Brand Discussion Paper Muzanenhamo, Penelope WBS
The Value of Liquidity Full Paper Nimmanunta, Kridsda JBS
Inter-organisational Learning During Extreme Events Discussion Paper Owen, Gareth WBS
Gender and Innovation Creation Poster Pecis, Lara WBS
Crowdsourcing in Policy Creation: an Organizational Study Discussion Paper Richman, Jessica SBS
Emotional Worlds During Mergers and Acquisitions Full Paper Schnurr, Noelia-Sarah WBS
[tbc] Poster Tsantila, Catherine WBS
Bubbles and Crises in Open Economies Full Paper Zadodov, Kirill and Buchsteiner, Henri JBS
Fundamental Analysis and Portfolio Selection Full Paper Zhang, Huazhu WBS
Structuring Spontaneity: Managing Creativity in Knowledge-Sharing Communities Full Paper Ziebro, Monique WBS