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Professor Stephen Roper has been in the news recently with the following stories:

"Keeping it in the family was often seen as the best way to run a successful business, but are we moving away from this traditional model?"

Passion is the key for working with spouses - The Mail on Sunday - August 2009

"Spouses rank as most trusted business partners"

A marriage of convenience - - August 2009

"According to a study commissioned by MORE TH>N BUSINESS in association with Warwick Business School, half the UK population (50 per cent) would choose to go into business with their spouse/partner rather than their own flesh and blood"

Farewell family firms? - - August 2009

"Small businesses across the UK are continuing to experience unprecendented levels of deflation resulting in rapidly declining operating costs. The cost of running a small business has fallen to -1.4 per cent deflation over the first quarter in 2009"

Declining operating costs for small businesses - - August 2009