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Books by University of Warwick authors

The Network Trap : Why Women Struggle to Make it into the Boardroom

Bushell, M., Hoque, K. and Dean, D.

Springer, Singapore, 2020

ISBN: 9789811508783

Handbook of Research on Employee Voice

[Adrian Wilkinson], Jimmy Donaghey, [Tony Dundon and Richard B Freeman]

Edward Elgar, 2014

ISBN: 9781788971171

Consultation at Work: Regulation and Practice

Mark Hall and John Purcell

Oxford University Press, 2012

ISBN: 9780199605460

Making Employment Rights Effective

Linda Dickens (Ed.)

Hart Publishing, 2012

Union Voices
Tactics and Tensions in UK Organizing

Melanie Simms, [Jane Holgate and Edmund Heery]

Cornell University Press, 2012

ISBN: 9780801478130

Economy And Society In Europe:
A Relationship in Crisis

[Luigi Burroni, Maarten Keune] and Guglielmo Meardi

Edward Elgar, 2012

ISBN: 9781849803656

Social Failures of EU Enlargement: A Case of Workers Voting with their Feet

Guglielmo Meardi

Routledge, 2011

ISBN: 9780415806794

Contingent Capital: Short-term Investors and the Evolution of Corporate Governance in France and Germany

Michel Goyer

Oxford University Press, 2011

ISBN: 9780199578085

Renewal in the French Trade Union Movement: A Grassroots Perspective

Heather Connolly

Peter Lang, 2010

ISBN: 9783034301015

Industrial Relations: Theory and Practice
(Third Edition)

Trevor Colling and Michael Terry (Eds)

Wiley Blackwell, 2010

ISBN: 9781444308853

The Dynamics of Managing Diversity: A Critical Approach
Third Edition

[Gill Kirton] and Anne-marie Greene

Elsevier, 2010

ISBN: 9781138786707

Diversity Management in the UK: Organizational and Stakeholder Experiences

Anne-marie Greene and [Gill Kirton]

Routledge, 2009

ISBN: 9780415431767

Labour Law

(Seventh Edition)

Simon Deakin and

Gillian S Morris

Bloomsbury Publishing, 2021

ISBN: 9781509943562

The Changing Institutional Face of British Employment Relations

Linda Dickens and Alan Neal (Eds.)

Kluwer Law International, 2006

ISBN: 9789041125415

The Politics of Working Life

Paul Edwards and Judy Wajcman

Oxford University Press, 2005

ISBN: 9780199271917

European Integration and Industrial Relations: multi-level governance in the making

Paul Marginson and Keith Sisson

Palgrave Macmillan, 2004

ISBN: 9780230001916

Industrial Relations: Theory and Practice in Britain

Paul Edwards (Ed.)

Blackwell, 2003

ISBN: 9780631222583