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Forthcoming Events

November 13th

WBS main building, Room 1.006, 13:00-14:30

Dr Stratos Ramoglou (University of Southampton)

The Bewitchment of our Theoretical Imagination by Means of Language: The Case of Entrepreneurial Opportunities (see working paper attached)


The need to pay closer attention to the questions that we ask is undeniable among management and organizational scholars. Despite that, however, we significantly lack the methodological guidance for telling promising from unproductive questions, and most importantly for bringing unrewarding theoretical quests to an end. In this seminar we will discuss how Wittgenstein's views on the bewitching role of language can help us identify unwholesome questions as well as terminate misguided theoretical projects. The value of the Wittgensteinian therapy of our theoretical imagination will be practically illustrated in the demystification of a question animating entrepreneurship research for nearly two decades, viz., "What is an opportunity?".

A free light lunch will be provided at the session for those register by October 26th.

Past speakers

Stefano Tasselli (Erasmus University Rotterdam) "Love and Organization"
Robert Chia (University of Glasgow) "Constructing Organizational Reality: Process Philosophy, Perceptual Sensitivity and Performative Practices"